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How to manage accessibility features on your iPad


Accessibility features on iOS are available to any user from the moment you buy your iPad or iPhone.  Simply turn on your device and there are built in gestures that are immediately available to you.  These can be invoked by either (triple) clicking the home button (to turn on VoiceOver) or via simple swipe gestures (double-tap the screen with three fingers to turn zoom off and on).

You can manage a variety of accessibility features on your iPad.  To get started and see which features met you needs and are accessible to you, open the Settings App–> General–> Accessibility.  Here you will find numerous options separated out by feature set.

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How to use VoiceOver to help you better navigate your iPad


Over time iOS has developed and matured into the most robust  mobile operating system available today.  With the addition of various accessibility features, Apple has made iOS available to a population that hasn’t previously been represented or adequately provided for. These built-in digital tools are very useful for those needing help with accessibility on their iPad or iPhone.  Unfortunately, though, most iPad owners are unaware they are available, much less know where to look to find them if they wanted to  take advantage of their benefits. Today we are going to focus on VoiceOver, and how this powerful accessibility feature can make navigating your iPad much easier.

How to Access VoiceOver on your iPad

Let’s start with how you can access and turn on VoiceOver.  First, open the Settings app on your iPad and select General–> Accessibility–> VoiceOver.  At this point you have many different options available to you.  Simply turning on VoiceOver makes it possible to speak the items on your screen.  The following, is how you activate this feature…

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