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Apple-Goldman Sachs Credit Card Rumor Could Point to Apple’s Real Killer Services Play

As we close in on Apple’s next event, there are tons of stories bouncing around about the company’s future growth being in services. Right now, everything is centered around their coming subscription services in video and news, but a smaller story from earlier this week points to another service that could dwarf all others. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Goldman Sachs are getting ready to team up on a credit card.

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Apple’s Aging Parental Controls Called into Question, Apple Responds

As recently as four or five years ago, Apple’s parental controls were considered to be the industry standard for mobile devices. They give parents a lot of basic functionality, including the ability to disable apps and features, select allowed content ratings for music, video, podcasts, and apps, and do either basic web filtering or blacklist/whitelist website selections. However, while these settings work pretty well for use with younger children, they do lack a level of flexibility that work make them better as kids grow into teenagers.Apple also lacks any built-in monitoring mechanisms, currently.

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Wall Street Journal for iPad Subscriptions Going Well?

Wall Street Journal on iPad

In the two weeks since the iPad was released, The Wall Street Journal got more than 3,200 new subscribers to pay up for their iPad only-subscription, according to a memo sent to us by WSJ managing editor Robert Thomson.

That’s a slice from a recent report at Business Insider, on the Wall Steet Journal’s new iPad only subscriptions.  They’ve also said that 30,000 existing subscribers have already downloaded the free iPad app.

I really don’t have any points of comparison for this, but the 3,200 subscriptions seems a decent number – especially given the hefty $17.29 per month subscription cost.  I haven’t looked at the app, but have heard that it has been very well reviewed.

Any WSJ iPad subscribers here?  Or anyone who has taken a look and wants to share thoughts on it?

Source: Business Insider via iPhoneFreak

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Wall Street Journal’s iPad Edition – $18 a Month?


Yikes – I’m not a WSJ reader, but the rumored price point for the Wall Street Journal’s upcoming customized iPad version strikes me as quite high.  I don’t follow their print and online pricing much either, but from what I can gather the $18/month iPad version (if that’s accurate) would be around twice as much as their current online subscription rate. One of the funny things about this is that the price rumor is from the WSJ itself.

There’s been lots of talk of the iPad as a ‘savior’ for the newspaper and magazine industry – and I think there’s likely a lot of potential for that to come true, but I also think publications are going to need to find the right price points for iPad readers.  I am very anxious to see how other blue-chip titles get priced, and how the WSJ compares.

Any regular WSJ readers care to weigh in on that rumored price point?

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Wall Street Journal Coming to iPad, Already Testing on Real Hardware

WSJ Mobile on iPhone

Just in case you missed it earlier this week, Rupert Murdoch – the chairman and CEO of the Wall Street Journal’s parent company – has confirmed that the WSJ will be coming to the iPad. He even revealed that they’ve got hold of a real live iPad to work with.

Mr. Murdoch said the Journal planned to be on Apple Inc.’s iPad tablet computer. "In fact, we’ve been allowed to work on one, and it’s under padlock and key. The key is turned by Apple every night," he said in response to a question. "But we will be on that with The Wall Street Journal."

It’s no great shock to learn the WSJ is coming to the iPad, as lots of top newspaper and magazine brands have been expressing their enthusiasm for, and detailing their plans for, the new medium.  I’m personally not excited by this news.  I rarely read financial press and when I do prefer the Financial Times – sorry Mr. Murdoch. :)

Via: MacRumors

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