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Wired Magazine Looking Good in iPad Demo

Wired magazine on iPad

I just posted a few days back on Wired magazine’s plans to come to the iPad this summer.  Today Gizmodo has a nice post up with a video demo of how the magazine will look on the iPad.

It’s a good run-through, and shows off a lot of the nice interactive elements that will be included.  These look especially good, as does the browse / visual overview of the whole issue contents.  Even some of the ads look pretty darn good. The Wired folks do some talking during the demo as well, and their enthusiasm for this new digital content offering is very clear.

Check out Gizmodo’s piece and the demo video here:


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Wired Magazine Coming to the iPad This Summer


Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson announced at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference on Friday that the publication would be releasing its content for the iPad by summer.

Great stuff.  I am looking forward to getting back into reading newspapers and magazines on the iPad, as it’s something I do more and more rarely with printed publications of this kind.  And Wired is just the sort of magazine that strikes me as lending itself very well to the iPad as a publishing medium,

It should be an ideal title for taking advantage of some of the multimedia power of the iPad.

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