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WritePad for iPad Updated – Adds Evernote Sync


WritePad for iPad – the versatile and feature rich note taking app – has been update this week, to Version 5.0.

The big new feature is sync with Evernote. The app already offers sync via Dropbox by default but adding Evernote as a sync option is a big plus. I’ve used Evernote for years now as my main ‘storage vault’ sort of notes app, bu I’ve never much enjoyed its UI for creating / editing notes on iOS devices. Having WritePad as a sort of ‘front end’ option for Evernote is interesting.

Here’s the full list of changes for WritePad for iPad 5.0:

1. Improved handwriting recognition engine now allows disabling unused letter shapes, which may help to expedite the application’s learning curve. *
2. Synchronization with Evernote (by default, WritePad synchronizes with Dropbox; use Options->Synchronization Settings to enable sync with Evernote).
3. New command displays document statistics, such as word and character count (Toolbar->Info).
4. Improved synchronization with Dropbox.
5. New command allows users to upload WritePad documents to their Google Documents account as text or PDF (Share->Send to Google Docs).
6. Improved user interface and graphics.
7. Text selection modified to mimic standard iPad selection style.

And here’s an App Store link for WritePad for iPad: it’s priced at $9.99.

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Writepad for iPad Updated, Adds Palm Rest, Export to PDF and More

Writepad for iPad

Writepad for iPad – one of the more versatile and powerful iPad note-taking apps – has had another update this week, to Version 4.5 (or in fact now to 4.5.1 by the time of writing).

The two big additions in V 4.5 are a Palm Rest feature that lets users rest their hands while in handwriting mode, and the ability to export documents to PDF. Improved printing and new graphics are the other notable changes.

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Writepad and Phatpad for iPad 50% Off This Weekend


Phatware is offering its Phatpad and Writepad for iPad note-taking apps for sale at 50% off this weekend.  Phatpad is knocked down from $4.99 to 2.99; and Writepad for iPad is reduced from $9.99 to 4.99.

Writepad is the best app for rapid and effective handwriting recognition that I’ve seen so far – and works well when you use finger or stylus. I haven’t had a chance to try out Phatpad as yet, but here’s its App Store Intro:

More than another note-taking app, PhatPad turns your iPad into an advanced brainstorming tool. Draw, write, and type your ideas then instantly share them via email, WiFi sync, Dropbox, or presentation mode. PhatPad’s digital ink technology and handwriting recognition engine allows you to scribble handwritten notes and drawings and convert them into digital text, or perfect geometrical shapes.

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Writepad for iPad Updated–Adds Dropbox Sync


Writepad for iPad – the iPad note taking app that converts handwriting into text – has been recently updated, to Version 4.2. The big new feature is Dropbox sync.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of Dropbox (for online file sync and backup), so it is always a big plus for me to see this feature added to any app.

Writepad is an interesting app – one I’ve kept around on my iPad and always intend to use more.  Its handwriting recognition – via fingers or stylus – is pretty good, though a little hard to get used to.  If I ever get over that hurdle, it may become a much more frequently used app for me.

You can find this latest version of Writepad for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $9.99.

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WritePad for iPad Updated – Adds Posting to Twitter

WritePad for iPad

WritePad for iPad has been updated, to Version 4.1.  The big new addition is …

Introducing twitter client: WritePad is the world’s first application to combine word processing functionality, handwriting recognition, and social networking in a single app.

I think the Twitter client wording is a pretty big exaggeration – it has added the ability to post to Twitter from within a note.  That’s nice, but it doesn’t make it a Twitter client in my view.

In any case, it’s a notable new feature.  I keep wanting to like WritePad better than I do – I’ve kept the app around for a while because I like the idea of its handwriting recognition, but I’ve found it hard to get the hang of it.

You can grab this latest version of WritePad for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $9.99.

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