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WWDC 2021 Keynote Memoji Crowd

My Favorite New Features from Apple’s WWDC Keynote

WWDC 2021 Keynote Memoji Crowd

It’s been a looooong day. My day job never seems to cooperate with the scheduling of WWDC and this year was no different. I was hoping I would have plenty of time to dedicate to watching and Live Tweeting the Keynote during an extended lunch break, but it didn’t last. I was able to watch everything up to the watchOS portion uninterrupted, but that was about it.

I won’t bore you with all of the details of my day, but I just recently arrived in a hotel room in Nashville for some work out of town. However, the four hour drive here from the Memphis area did give me some time to listen to a few podcasts, review parts of the Keynote, and collect my thoughts on what we got from Apple at WWDC.

Here are some key additions and changes that stand out to me.

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