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Zendesk iPad App Looks Great

Zendesk iPad app

Zendesk is a leading cloud based software solution for customer service, used by over 25,000 companies. They’ve recently updated the Zendesk iPad and iOS apps and they were kind enough to give me a demo of the iPad app a couple weeks ago.

I came away from the demo hugely impressed with the Zendesk iPad app, both as someone who reviews a lot of iPad apps and as someone who spent years working in technical support and network management.

Th first thing that struck me about the app is how great a job the developers have done in keeping the UI clean and elegant while packing in a slew of useful features that are all accessible with just a few taps.

Here are some of the more notable features of the app:

  • Access to all support ticket views
  • View all support ticket events and notifications
  • Real-time list of activity on tickets
  • Search support tickets and knowledge base articles
  • View and update comments, CCs, tags, and ticket fields
  • Push notifications on ticket updates
  • Apply per-defined responses, or macros, to tickets containing frequently asked questions
  • Bookmark tickets for future reference
  • Upload and view attachments on tickets
  • Agent Dashboard with critical ticket views

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