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Quick Look: Zenkit, an alternative Product Management tool to Trello


The idea of productivity can best be described as a tug of war for me.  What I mean by that is that I strive to be a productive person, but often get caught up in finding the most productive way to be productive–which in turn, isn’t very productive at all.  I’m an early adopter by nature, and love to try new apps, among other things.  So when I read about Zenkit, and the similarities it had with Trello, I immediately became curious.

Self described as a product management tool that grows with you, Zenkit is beautifully designed and easy to use.  So this begs the question–why switch from Trello if it has been working perfectly fine for you?  Just like with any other platform that experiences  great success, and is then purchased and made part of a larger collective–there is real concern that Trello will have one of two eventual outcomes.  Either the application will fall off the radar by its new owners and be left to gather dust–or it will evolve or morph into something very different than what it was originally designed to be.

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