App Updates for New iPad Retina Display Coming Thick & Fast Now

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iPad App Updates for Retina Display

The amazing new retina display is the headline feature of this year’s new iPad. I’ll post some first impressions on the new iPad later this weekend, but for now suffice to say the display is as good as advertised.

Over the last couple days the pace of updates to iPad apps to support the new retina display has increased, a lot. And a lot of leading titles have issued updates over the last 24 hours or so. Some of the ones I’ve noticed include:

Flipboard – this was already a flagship iPad app with a gorgeous UI – it looks even better today.

iA Writer – one of the cleanest, best apps for pure writing on the iPad. Yes, the retina display makes text so much sharper and nicer to work with, and this app shows that off nicely.

The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper. So far its issue downloads don’t seem much slower after the retina update. I’ll see about the storage space it uses soon.

NYTimes for iPad – another leading newspaper title with quick support for the new display.

Kindle – Amazon’s ereader app is now optimized for the retina display.

Solar Walk – the excellent 3D solar system model app is optimized for the new display and has even had a second, quick update to reduce its file size (although it has still gone up from 342MB to 449MB).

Pandora Radio, Instapaper, Evernote, Instacast HD , Real Racing 2 HD.

It’s great to see these updates coming so quickly now. Hopefully this pace will continue now until the vast majority of quality titles are updated for the new display.

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