AT&T and Verizon Keeping new iPad LTE Data Plans at Same Prices as 3G

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ATT iPad Data Plan

This is some very good news for any of us who are planning on purchasing an LTE model of the new iPad. According to The Verge, both AT&T and Verizon are going to keep their LTE data pricing plans for the new iPad at the same levels as their current 3G data plans.

These are the data plan price levels:


  • 250MB/month: $14.99
  • 3GB/month: $30
  • 5GB/month: $50


  • 2GB/month: $30
  • 5GB/month: $50
  • 10GB/month: $80

I’m currently on the small (250MB) data plan with AT&T. I’ll probably bump this up to the 3GB level to try out LTE on the new iPad. This is where it’s great that you can go month-by-month with these data plans. If I find that LTE burns up battery way too fast to use it often, then I’ll just drop back down to the 250MB plan.

For those of you who are considering an LTE model of the new iPad, what are you thinking on your plan level and carrier?

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6 thoughts on “AT&T and Verizon Keeping new iPad LTE Data Plans at Same Prices as 3G”

  1. Hi, I have the iPad 2 with AT&T and I pay $25.00 for 2gig of data which is plenty for me, i don’t see it offered in your post

  2. I’ve got the original wi-fi only iPad and have the New iPad with 3G on order, again the 32gb size. I ordered the AT&T version because I understand that swapping out the SIMM card is a better option if I do any international travel. Rarely have I felt the need for more than the wifi connection but I thought I’d spring for it this time. I’ll probably get the 250mg/month at first to see how it goes.

  3. While I can’t tell you specifically about the new iPad and how it’s data usage compares to 3G, I can tell you that when I switched from a 3G Verizon MiFi to a 4G LTE MiFi my data usage went through the roof (even though my habits haven’t changed). The main problem is that if you do any streaming of audio and/or video then the higher bandwidth of 4G results in higher quality signal so providers automatically stream more (high quality) data. For example, when I was on 3G I could stream several movies via Netflix in a month and I never went over 5GB, but now on my 4G MiFi I can only stream one movie (which is delivered now in HD, and there’s nothing I can do to change that) and I’ve used up most if not all of my 5GB limit.

    So, I highly doubt that people will be able to use their new iPad similar to how they’ve used their iPad 1 or 2 and end up with the same data usage.

    1. Now this is something to think about, I spend $25.00 a month for 2gb and can watch several movies on hbo and still not use all of my data, I wonder if a personal hotspot would solve my problem. I think I need feed back

      1. The personal hotspot will only make a difference with reducing the data usage is if you go with a 3G hotspot, which in the end, kind of defeats the purpose of having the latest and greatest technology (the new iPad). Not that I think it will happen, but the best solution from the consumer’s point of view would be to increase the data allowances. Isn’t that what the rest of the tech world has been doing for decades now, give more for less with each improvement in technology?

        And another thing for the wireless companies to think about is that eventually their customers are going to stop and think about the fact that they get unlimited broadband usage for @ $40 a month at home via cable or DSL. $80 a month for 10GB (Verizon), which is about the same as 2 HD on-demand movies, is ridiculous..!!! Just sayin’!

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