First Photos with New iPad – So Much Nicer

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Handsom Deputy Editor Dawg

I had honestly forgotten about the new improved rear camera on the new iPad, until my daughter reminded me about it yesterday afternoon. I took a few quick snaps of our big black Labrador just to give it a quick tryout.

Wow, even just messing around for a couple minutes it is obvious that photos are a world better with the new iPad. The picture above is just as shot with no editing or effects, though it’s sized down considerably to post here. I posted the full-size image at the iPad Insight Flickr group page just in case you’d like to see my devastatingly handsome fella up closer (right-click on the image to see at full/original size or large size etc).

I still don’t see myself using the iPad as a camera very often at all, but it’s good to know it’s now capable of quite decent shots when needed.

If you’ve got any new iPad photos to share please add them to our Flickr group.

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3 thoughts on “First Photos with New iPad – So Much Nicer”

  1. Would be a much more enjoyable post if you shared the name of your dog rather than “big black Labrador” :-)

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