It’s Just Called the new iPad

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Well, the next-gen iPad was unveiled by Apple today, their event just finished a few minutes ago. And the name of the new iPad is …

the new iPad.

Not iPad HD. Not iPad 3 – just the new iPad. I’m not sure what the thinking is on that, but try to remember it. You don’t want to ask for the old iPad (or maybe you do given the price breaks announced, more on that soon) if you want the latest generation iPad.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Just Called the new iPad”

  1. Just so you guys are sure
    it is called
    “The new iPad”
    not just iPad
    “The new iPad”
    what a great name

  2. It’ll come in a box labelled iPad. Just like your Macbook came in a box labelled Macbook Pro. Just like your iPod Nano came in a package labelled iPod Nano.

    It’s not coming in a box labelled “The New iPad”. And three years from now you won’t put it up on eBay as “3 Year Old The New iPad 32 GB w/ Retina Display”

    And if it does come in a box labelled “The New iPad” … someone at Apple needs to have his/her butt fired and then fed to the ghost of Steve Jobs – who undoubtedly will return from the grave if there’s someone in the company who was that incredibly stupid.


  3. I think they’re looking outside the computer industry here.

    Ford have made 3 generations of the Focus car. Each was called the Focus. Makes a lot of sense to me.

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