More Notable iPad Apps Got Retina Display Updates This Week

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Screens VNC retina updated

iPad app updates for the new iPad’s retina display are still coming along at a steady pace this week. The ‘Great Apps for the New iPad’ App Store section has now got 70 apps listed in it, up from around 42 last week.

This week I’ve seen retina display updates for several notable iPad apps, including:

— The Weather Channel


— Netflix

— Screens VNC (shown above)

— Things

— OmniFocus (for the second time – this time the change list detail says ‘improves support for iPads with retina displays’)

— Remarks

— Fotopedia Heritage

I’m surprised that the pace of these updates is not increasing a little by now. 70 is a drop in the bucket considering the over 200,000 total iPad apps.

Which retina-updated app have you been most impressed with so far?

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One thought on “More Notable iPad Apps Got Retina Display Updates This Week”

  1. Apple’s list is only a small fraction of the apps that are iPad Retina-ready. For example, our Halftone app (Juicy Bits) was Retina-ready on day 1. Instapaper is also Retina-ready and was the first week of the new iPad release.

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