New iPad Rolling Out to 26 More Countries on March 23

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new iPad International Rollout

March 23rd is the date for Stage 2 of the new iPad’s international rollout. It will be released in 26 more countries on that date – as shown in Engadget’s photo above.

The initial release of the new iPad on March 16 is in the US and nine other countries.

If memory serves, this second stage rollout is set to happen in roughly the same timeframe as last year with the iPad 2, or perhaps even a week faster. So maybe all those reports of early production ramp-ups for the next-gen iPad were on target.

I’m sure we’ll see many more countries added to the rollout list over coming weeks.

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2 thoughts on “New iPad Rolling Out to 26 More Countries on March 23”

  1. No thanks. I’m a bit tired of all this “greatest thing ever, but obsolete in a year” crap from Apple. I’ve ditched my iPad and iPhone for a Galaxy Note and it’s the best thing I’ve done – although I mainly use a MBP on my everyday work. Now after yesterday’s presentation, I feel more certain of having done the best choice. I know this is a “that’s-technology-stupid” thing, but at least I don’t get to suffer with anxiety and take up with crappy and buggy updates and upgrades to ex-greatest-thing-ever-oh-my-how-we-are-really-excited crap.

  2. A product becomes obsolete when there’s no useful use for it anymore. Even the iPhone 3GS is not obsolete yet.

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