Recommended: Ryan Block on Why the New iPad’s Retina Display Matters

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iPad Best Display Ever on a Mobile Device

Ryan Block of gdgt has always been one of my favorite tech writers, so seeing his take on the new iPad after having had some hands-on time with it last week was always going to be hugely interesting to me.

His recent piece on why the new iPad’s retina display matters is a great read. It certainly gives some food for thought for anyone who feels the new iPad is not a major upgrade. Here’s a few excerpts that bring hoe just how important this one new feature is: 

The core experience of the iPad, and every tablet for that matter, is the screen. It’s so fundamental that it’s almost completely forgettable. Post-PC devices have absolutely nothing to hide behind. Specs, form-factors, all that stuff melts away in favor of something else that’s much more intangible. When the software provides the metaphor for the device, every tablet lives and dies by the display and what’s on that display. …

So when a device comes along like the iPad that doesn’t just display the application, but actually becomes the application, radically improving its screen radically improves the experience. And when a device’s screen is as radically improved as the display in the new iPad, the device itself is fundamentally changed. …

This screen has changed what a tablet should be, and trust me, you won’t want to go back.

I know one thing. Reading Block’s piece has me even more pumped up for getting my hands on the new iPad this Friday.

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  1. I’m looking forward to comparing the same photo on both the iPad (first generation) and iPad (third generation) side by side. Also how much memory Photos uses on each device with the same content.

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