The New iPad: Pre-orders Today, Release on March 16

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New iPad March 16 Launch

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The new iPad (yes that is its name) is available for pre-order today in the US and will be released on March 16.

The release date of March 16 is for the US and nine other countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

As you’d expect, the Apple store online is having some issues at the moment. When I hit the Pre-order Now button the page fails to load. The Apple Store app on the iPad itself is working OK though as far as I can see. If you want to get a pre-order in right away I’d recommend going that route.

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5 thoughts on “The New iPad: Pre-orders Today, Release on March 16”

  1. Big Question will be the 4G service plans do you think ATT / VERZION will go unlimited … because service plans will determine the real value to having the 4G

    1. No chance of unlimited plans for this. Carriers are all moving away from unlimited, not towards it.

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