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Beth Cheng iPad home screen

What’s on Your iPad? A simple question but one that leads to some fascinating answers. This is another installment of our occasional series of What’s on Your iPad posts. I enjoy the heck out of these because I love seeing how people put their iPads to use – and I find them a great resource for discovering new apps.

Today’s answers are provided by Beth Cheng. I’ve come to know Beth via Google+ and the excellent Educational Apps for Kids community that she runs there. Here’s a little more profile info on her:

Founder of http://igamemom.com, Beth has a strong passion in bringing new and fun learning experiences to children of all families.  In addition to sharing mobile learning resources on igamemom.com, she is also actively volunteering at local schools.

Here are Beth’s answers – questions are in regular text, answers are in italics:

Which iPad model do you use? (original or iPad 2, WiFi or WiFi + 3G, storage size) Any particular reasons for choosing this model?
We have an Original (WiFi only) and an iPAD mini.  The original iPAD is now my son’s.  I like it without WiFi, so I don’t have to worry about data usage on this one.
Do you use any sort of case with the iPad? If so, which one/s and why?
Original Apple iPAD cases for the Original iPAD, Poetic Slimline Portfolio Case. We did not think much, just bought what was available at the time. 

What’s on your iPad dock currently? Do these apps pan out as your most frequently used? What are some of your other most-used apps / what’s on your first home screen? (and any reasons why you’d like to offer)
On my dock: App Store, Settings, Photos, Safari, Message.  App Store is the most used.  Other apps I use a lot are social media apps, such as G+, Pinterest, Gmail.  I have them all in one folder on my home screen. Since I run a blog (igamemom.com), I try to stay updated on social media, these apps makes sharing and interacting with people a lot easier.
How do you arrange your home screens? Do you use folders at all / heavily?
I use folders.  I review educational apps for kids, I always look for new apps and try them out.  Putting them in folders is the only way I can stay semi-organized on all the apps I review.
What are some of your most used productivity apps on the iPad? Any that you use for work?
I use Evernote a lot.  I put almost everything in Evernote.
Do you read any newspaper or magazine apps on the iPad? Do you subscribe to any?
I don’t have any subscription to newspaper or magazine apps, anymore.  I used to, but on my iPAD mini, I just use the “reading list” or “feedly” to follow the websites I am interested in.  I follow tech, science, education, and parenting websites.
How much, if any, book reading do you do on the iPad?
About 30% of my reading is on iPAD.  But I found I use it to read with my son a lot.  I still try to spend time to read with him.  Now that he doesn’t need me read to him, we do shared reading, I read one paragraph, then he read one.  I don’t know why, but it seems the books we picked for shared reading are mostly on iPAD.
Any favorite iPad games or fun time fillers?
Not a particular one.  Since I review apps, I always have plenty new ones waiting for me to test out.
Have you got a ‘hidden gem’ type iPad app that more people should know about?
I don’t know if it is a hidden gem, but at our home, we liked Spaceteam.  It is a crazy game, you work as a team, and you end up screaming at each other, all for good reasons.  It is a fun game teaching kids about team work.  Good one to have.
Do you tend to pay much attention to your home or lock screen wallpaper? Change it up often?
Not really.

Big thanks to Beth for doing this post with us. If you have kids you may want to check out her Google+ community and the iGameMom site, which are both linked above.

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