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iPad home screen - Beth Elderkin

What’s on Your iPad? A simple question but one that leads to some fascinating answers. This is another installment of our now-regular series of What’s on Your iPad posts. I enjoy these a lot because I love seeing how people put their iPads to use – and I find them a great resource for discovering new apps.

Today I’m very pleased to have my talented young colleague, Beth Elderkin, providing answers and sharing how she uses the iPad. I know many of you are enjoying her iPad game reviews here at iPad Insight, and I think you’ll appreciate her answers here too. Here’s a bit more bio information on Beth:

Beth Elderkin, 26, has been writing game reviews for iPad Insight since Nov. 2011. She is an Education Reporter with The Kerrville Daily Times in Kerrville, Texas, and was previously Managing Editor of San Diego State University’s student newspaper, The Daily Aztec. Beth has been blogging since she was 14 years old and currently owns and operates two blogs: Digital T-Rex, a tech and social media blog, and Jainomo, a lifestyle blog. She graduated from SDSU in May 2012 with a BA in journalism and a French minor, and was named Outstanding Graduate in journalism by SDSU’s School of Journalism and Media Studies.

Here are Beth’s answers – questions are in regular text, Beth’s answers are in block quotes:

Which iPad model do you use? (original or iPad 2, WiFi or WiFi + 3G, storage size) Any particular reasons for choosing this model? –

I have the 16G WiFi-only iPad 2, which is basically the most bare-bones iPad 2 you can get. The reason I decided not to get a larger one is because I wasn’t needing my iPad for storage, since I have a 64G iPhone 4S and a MacBook Pro.

Do you use any sort of case with the iPad? If so, which one/s and why? –

I use InCase’s Mag Snap Case in white ($39.95), which works with my (now discontinued) orange Smart Cover. I love the Mag Snap Case because it’s strong and durable — which is perfect because I tend to drop things sometimes. In addition, the two “magnet bars” on the back provide extra viewing positions, including one that’s great for typing.

What’s on your iPad dock currently? Do these apps pan out as your most frequently used? –

My iPhone dock has the following apps: Facebook, Tweetbot, Mail, Flipboard, Kindle and Safari. Except for my games, which I keep in folders, these apps are the ones I use the most. That’s why they’re in my dock! I would say the one I don’t use as much is probably Tweetbot. When it comes to using Twitter, I much prefer Tweetdeck — but since it seems to be crashing on the iPad for some reason, I have Tweetbot as a backup version.

What are some of your other most-used apps / what’s on your first home screen? (and any reasons why you’d like to offer) –

I tend to use Pages a lot, especially when I’m in the field writing news articles and blog entries. It’s a great “on-the-go” typing program. I also use Netflix and Pinboard on a regular basis. I’m still into Order & Chaos, one of the RPGs I previously reviewed for iPad Insight, and try to play it whenever I have the time.

How do you arrange your home screens? Do you use folders at all / heavily? –

I use folders for almost everything — but I don’t like to have them on my Home Screen because it looks too cluttered. My home page is always folder free; but the other pages on my iPad are organized with folders. I have quite a few apps, and would easily lose my mind if they’re weren’t all organized.

What are some of your most used productivity apps on the iPad? Any that you use for work? –

As I mentioned previously, Pages is one of my most-used productivity apps. Another writing app I use is Penultimate, a great handwriting app which I use when I’m getting quotes for a story and I don’t have a notebook. Some of the others I use include LinkedIn, WordPress and Storify. I tend to do a lot with social networking at my job.

Do you read any newspaper or magazine apps on the iPad? Do you subscribe to any? –

My favorite news-reading app would have to be Flipboard, a news aggregator that organizes tweets and RSS feeds into a magazine format. I read it multiple times per day, and I find it’s a great way to look at a wide variety of news and topics of interest. It’s actually how I found out about the Game Reviewer position for iPad Insight! I subscribe to a couple of magazines through Zinio, including Macworld and Nylon. I also download the IKEA catalog.

How much, if any, book reading do you do on the iPad? –

For the most part, if I’m buying a book, I’m buying it for my iPad. Considering how often I relocate for school and work, lugging around countless books can be exhausting. I love having all my books in one easily accessible place. I mostly use the Kindle app, which I find is just as effective as owning a Kindle.

Any favorite iPad games or fun time fillers? –

Oh, I could go on and on about this topic — but I’ll spare all of you. There are a few games on my iPad that I use to help combat boredom, including: Order & Chaos, Scribblenauts, Hunger Games trivia, DoodleJump and Lego Harry Potter (Years 1-4). The current game I’m playing for my next iPad Insight review may be added to that list, but you’ll just have to wait and read to find out what it is!

Have you got a ‘hidden gem’ type iPad app that more people should know about? –

My hidden gem app would have to be KitchenPad Timer ($1.99). I love to cook, but when I’m working with multiple pots and pans, as well as the oven, I tend to lose track of time. The KitchenPad timer lets you make separate times for each of your stovetops, as well as the oven. It’s really easy to use and it helps me make sure I don’t burn anything if I can’t spend every waking second in front of the stove while cooking.

Any killer apps you think are missing from the iPad App Store, apps you’d love to see come to the iPad? –

I really want there to be more fitness apps on the iPad. Many of the great fitness apps for the iPhone, including RunKeeper, Nike Training Club and Fitness Buddy, don’t have successful iPad apps. I like to log my workouts, and find it’s sometimes hard to do on the iPhone’s small screen. If they were more universal, it’d be easier to do. I also wish they would put BinauralBeat on the iPad, which is an app that uses binaural waves to help soothe headaches and relieve stress.

Do you tend to pay much attention to your home or lock screen wallpaper? Change it up often? –

Nope, it’s been the same one for more than a year now. I probably should change it more often!

Big thanks  to Beth for taking part in the What’s on Your iPad series. Lookout for more of her great game reviews coming soon.

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