What’s on Your iPad: Tim Moore

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Tim Moore iPad home screen

What’s on Your iPad? A simple question but one that leads to some fascinating answers. This is another installment of our now-regular series of What’s on Your iPad posts. I enjoy these a lot because I love seeing how people put their iPads to use – and I find them a great resource for discovering new apps.

Today’s answers are provided by Tim Moore. Tim is one of the most interesting people I follow and converse with on Google+. Here’s some bio information on him:

Tim is the author of upcoming book Hype Is Dead,  is a digital entrepreneur, and serves as an adviser for numerous large brands in Sports, Fashion and Entertainment. Tim lives in Wilmington, NC, and is the co-founder and CEO at CrushIQ. He provides strategic counsel, marketing guidance, and digital relationship best practices to several of CrushIQ’s top global accounts as well as maintaining  strong partner relationships with teams at  Google and Facebook. Previously, Tim was with The New York Times Company in a digital business solutions leadership role, and prior to that was the founder of numerous successful technology startups.

Tim is often on the road traveling to race tracks, sporting arena’s, speaking at conferences and workshops – all with his iPad in tow.

Here are Tim’s answers – questions are in regular text, Tim’s answers are in block quotes:

Which iPad model do you use? (original or iPad 2, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi___33 + 3G, storage size) Any particular reasons for choosing this model?

I was an early adopter of the iPad, so I’ve had the original and currently use the iPad 2 3G  32Gb. The new retina display is nice on the new iPad, but not enough to make me change. I have my setup just the way I like it.

Do you use any sort of case with the iPad? If so, which one/s and why?

I have numerous, each for its own purpose. For daily use, I just use my Apple smart cover. When I’m traveling, I use my iLuv Professional case with the Bluetooth detachable keyboard. It by far is the best case for powers users who are on the road with a 3G tablet.

What’s on your iPad dock currently? Do these apps pan out as your most frequently used?

Since I use the iPad as my primary device when traveling, I keep it all about fast productivity. I have the apps I use most frequently and what I use to communicate the most with, including iAnnotate (for PDF markup and routing), Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

What are some of your other most-used apps / what’s on your first home screen? (and any reasons why you’d like to offer)

My first page includes resources for content curation, Blogger (for my blog obviously), news feeds, Keynote for my presentations (I love the built-in laser pointer), Skitch for screenshot markup or image detail, Hubspot for quick grading on-site of a competitor’s website and digital presence (to know what I’m up against in a flash), Mindjet for mindmaps, Pandora for tunes, and of course, Pinterest and Fancy which I am addicted to.

How do you arrange your home screens? Do you use folders at all / heavily?

My home screen is my ‘money apps’, these are the ones I use 90% of the time. I only have one other screen and it does have things put in to folders by my own nickname so I can find it if I need them. Frankly, I don’t use page 2 that often.

What are some of your most used productivity apps on the iPad? Any that you use for work?

By far my calculator (for pricing negotiations), Keynote, Skitch, Chrome, Google voice search, AroundMe (when I’m in a new city), HubSpot I use a lot for competitor analysis, Zite since it allows me to share directly to Google+, and of course, Blogger and Google+

Do you read any newspaper or magazine apps on the iPad? Do you subscribe to any?

I hate newspapers, they report what we already know. I prefer live real-time apps like Feedly (for Google Reader), Pulse, Zite, Regator and Flipboard for compiling breaking, up to the minute news.

How much, if any, book reading do you do on the iPad?

To be honest, while I do a LOT of reading on the iPad, I still prefer to do book reading with a physical paper book. It may just be me, but the reading experience and information transfer seems greater to me in this form.

Any favorite iPad games or fun time fillers?

I don’t play games. I watch them though, so I do subscribe to the NBA League Pass so I can get to watch all of my beloved Lakers games on my iPad and iPhone, whichever is most handy.

Have you got a ‘hidden gem’ type iPad app that more people should know about?

In addition to the ones above, I do really like Wood Camera (a LOT better than Instagram), InstaQuote, Pixlromatic, vlix, and Streamweaver. (My wife is a professional photographer, so I enjoy testing these out for her and recommending the best to her. These are some of the best)

Any killer apps you think are missing from the iPad App Store, apps you’d love to see come to the iPad?

I’m still waiting for Siri to really grow up and become more Human like in offering me suggestions wherever I am, offering to do chores for me, finish my presentations or write my blog posts for me. Perhaps this is still a few years away though. :)

Do you tend to pay much attention to your home or lock screen wallpaper? Change it up often?

Nah, I don’t use the iPad as a toy. I just pick something aesthetically pleasing so I can get to my apps quickly, accomplish my tasks, and be done. I really believe in the 4 hour work week. Not quite there yet, but with the iPad, I’m working on it!

Huge thanks to Tim for doing this post with us and providing a great set of answers.

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