What’s on your iPad Home Screen?

With the start of a new year, I thought I’d take another look at my iPad home screen page the same way I did with my iPhone, and make some decisions on what I “need” and what apps I have simply accumulated since purchasing my iPad Pro.  The majority of my most used apps live on the […]

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What’s on Your iPad – with Omar Gallaga

Time for another What’s on Your iPad post. I’m still finding these great fun – partly because I just love seeing how others get the most out of their iPad and also because they’re a great source of ideas. Today’s guest is Omar Gallaga – Omar writes on technology for the Austin American-Statesman, my hometown […]

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What’s in Your iPad Dock?

OK, I know it’s early days and we’re all getting to know our new iPads, trying out apps, still getting to grips with things.  It’s never too early to ask what you’ve got in your iPad dock though, I hope anyway. Mine – as you can see above – has still got three of the […]

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UAG Shock Sleeve Lite With iPad Pro Black Midnight Camo

Review: UAG Shock Sleeve Lite for iPad Pro

If you carry an iPad Pro around with you, a case that provides at least some basic protection is almost a requirement. Even if you prefer to use it au natural, you are risking your investment if you aren’t at least transporting it from place to place inside of something. This is one reason why […]

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Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Air In front

A Few iPad Predictions for 2021

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I did pretty well in my iPad predictions last year. However, there were a few clues out there that pointed in potential directions that Apple could move in. I just followed the breadcrumbs. We only have a couple of those this year, so I don’t expect to […]

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iPad Air 4

Will iPad Air Preorders Begin Tomorrow?

We know for certain that preorders for Apple’s new 6.1″ iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will begin at 5 AM Pacific tomorrow in the United States and 29 other countries. Normally I would be sitting this one out and going about my day when 7 AM Central rolls around, but the rumor mill just […]

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Microsoft Surface Lineup

As Apple Moves Forward with iPadOS, Microsoft Drops the Ball Again

Some of you may have noticed this before, but for those who aren’t familiar with this site, let me start off this article by saying that I’m a lifelong Windows user on the desktop side. This makes me a bit of a rare bird as a writer for an Apple site, but if you look […]

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iPad Pro

Meet the New iPad Pro. Pretty Much the Same as the Old iPad Pro

Normally it doesn’t take too much of an update to an iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch to still get me excited. I still want to get my hands on modest upgrades and see what these new devices bring to the table. Because of this, I was typically excited when new iPad Pros were announced last […]

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The iPad Inspires Some Divergent Opinions at Age 10

I wrote on the 10th anniversary of the iPad’s announcement a few days ago and I was far from the only one. Like mine, most of the articles that I read were largely positive and at least saw the potential for continued improvement, if not a bright future for Apple’s tablet platform.

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Which iPad Do You Want for Christmas?

So here is a personal question for you. For those of you looking to get an iPad for yourself or someone else this Holiday season, which one do you want? Now that we have a tiered tablet lineup that covers a full range of features, sizes and price points, which one best lines up with […]

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iOS 12.1 Spills the Beans on the Coming iPad Pros

No one but the cool kids have gotten their hands on the new iPhones and Apple Watches yet, and we are already getting fresh reports on what’s coming next. Considering that the news is about the now all but official iPad Pros, I’m all for it.

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