J. J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner Back Together Again for Series with Apple

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I have been keeping up with news about Apple’s coming video service for quite some time. There are plenty of big name actors, directors and producers already lined up, but there hasn’t been anything that has really grabbed my attention up to now. However, that changed today.

When I heard that J. J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner were getting back together for a series on Apple’s coming video service today, now THAT got my attention. My wife and I were huge Alias fans and own the entire series on DVD. It was one of the most consistently good and genuinely interesting television shows I have ever seen. Abrams held my attention with great character development, constant plot twists and turns and attention-grabbing surprises. There were plenty of great actors who were either temporary or permanent parts of the cast, as well.

However, it was Jennifer Garner who ultimately put Alias over the top. She pulled off the duality of a spy trying not just to maintain a cover, but to live a normal life with normal friends and relationships. She really brought the character of Sydney Bristow to life in a way that was relatable. She was always likable, even when she had to do things that weren’t. She made Sydney a character that you always rooted for.

I’ve been interested in Apple’s video service, and the more news I’ve heard of it, the more I like the idea of it. This is especially true if Apple is willing to give it away to its customers as a value-add to promote its hardware and other services, as some rumors have proposed.  However, none of the previous content deals really grabbed me, so there was nothing to make me excited for its eventual arrival. Well, if Apple is putting Abrams and Garner back together again, then count me in. Some of you may not agree, or even remember Alias, but this news is exciting to me and my wife.

James Rogers

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