Leakers Have “One More Thing” to Say Before Apple’s iPhone Event

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It’s been a tough month for Apple’s poor security team. It looked like they had a pretty tight lid on things ahead of WWDC last year, as the new iPad Pro productivity features and some other items came as a surprise. Today, not so much. They can’t seem to keep a lid on anything, software or hardware, at this point. In fact, it looks like they just gave away some of the last bits and pieces of info themselves.

First caught by the site AllThingsHow (which has since gone dark), Apple had some small new details up on their site this morning. First off, it looks like the official new sizes of the Apple Watches will be 40mm and 44mm. This is up from the original 38mm and 42mm.

One advantage that Apple has had with the Watch has been offering a smaller size, which is much more friendly for many female and younger wearers, both from a comfort and a style perspective. Apple is the only tech company that has paid any attention to this corner of the smartwatch market so far. It will be interesting to see the reaction to the smaller size getting a little bigger. Maybe 2mm isn’t enough to put buyers off.

Also, the XML code that AllThingsHow posted has references to watch band sizes that match the new Watches. It will be VERY interesting to see if this is just a nomenclature shift to match the new models for ease of ordering, or if Apple is actually changing the bands. Such a move when the Watch is just now gaining mainstream popularity would likely be met scorn, as accessory Watch bands are a very popular item. If Apple is offering a new band design, lets hope they at least make the existing bands work with an inconspicuous adapter.

Another note from the XML data is the absence of the Watch Edition. It looks like the failure of Apple’s foray into the luxury side of the watch market is now complete, and they are abandoning even the less expensive ceramic version of the exclusive Watch version. Maybe that stupid moniker will now disappear from Apple naming for good, as well.

If you are still interested in a premium version of the Watch, the Hermes version with their high end bands will still be available in this year’s models. The traditional Aluminum, Stainless, and Nike versions are also being updated to Series 4, as well.

XML code on Apple.com has also confirmed all of the details of the iPhone naming and colors, much of which was already rumored. The new phones will be called the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS max, and the iPhone Xr, with the Xr likely being the 6.1″ LCD model. The Xr will be available in black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue. The XS and XS Max will have a new gold option. Again, all of this is just confirmation of earlier reports.

Time to get ready for the event, which is now just a couple of hours away. See you after will all of the goodies…that it looks like we already know all about. It won’t matter. I’ll still be watching.

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