With Possible Details of Apple’s AirTags Leaked, How Many Will You Buy?

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While a new hardware device release can feel like Christmas Day to many Apple fans, their coming AirTags are a little different. Rarely is an Apple device so blatantly utilitarian. However, that’s also part of the appeal for someone like myself.

I’ve been looking forward to protecting some of my work and personal gear with Apple AirTags since they were first rumored well over a year ago. I know Tile has been at this same thing for a while now, but they just don’t have the same reach as Apple when it comes to building a wide-ranging mesh network of users to help you find lost devices. Not only will all AirTags become part of this network, but so will most iPhones worldwide. That’s why I’ve been holding out for them.

The big question with new Apple hardware is what will it cost. Let’s face it- they aren’t exactly known for prioritizing value pricing. The point of a product like AirTags is to protect all of your most important portable possessions, but that could be hard to stomach if they weren’t priced right. Thankfully, if a typically reliable Apple leaker is correct, the it seems to reasonable enough to me.

According to Max Weinbach (courtesy of the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel), Apple will be selling the AirTags for $39 each. While that’s a little more than competing products from Tile and Samsung, it’s close enough to be competitive if they work as well as I expect they will. At $39, Apple isn’t exactly giving them away, but that’s reasonable enough that I think many interested users will pick up 2 to 4 for their keys, purses, wallets, backpacks, laptop bags, etc.

I’m figuring on starting out with 3 AirTags for my keys, wallet and my personal digital bag. That covers my everyday carry items that I need to keep the closest track of. I will likely expense a 4th one for my work laptop bag, as well. My oldest son has also said he wants one for his wallet. He lost his last year and it’s always tons of fun cancelling cards, getting them re-issued and getting new IDs and such. I can’t blame him for wanting insurance against doing it again.

The $39 price is definitely worth it to me. Time is money for me at work and the time and trouble cost of replacing an important key ring or a wallet is definitely greater than the rumored cost of an AirTag for me. The cost of my electronics bag and my work laptop bag? Yeah. $39 is a drop in the bucket in comparison with the $2,000 that could set me back. And the trouble of getting back on track at work? One of our techs had his laptop stolen at a construction site a month ago, which was a fresh reminder of how much fun it is to piece all of your apps and files back together on the fly to be able to do your job.

So what do you think about the AirTags? Does $39 seem like a reasonable starting price to you? Are you planning on buying any, and if so, how many do you think you will get? If you don’t mind saying, what do you plan on keeping track of with them? Let me know in the Comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.


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