Apple Event

March 23rd Sounds Like a Great Day for an Apple Event

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Apple Event

There’s a new rumored date for Apple’s spring event, but this time it comes from a source with a real track record. In fact, according to AppleTrack, this leaker is currently at the top of the pile when it comes to Apple rumors.

I think we can have a high degree of confidence in this particular rumor thanks to the respected source. Kang isn’t the only one saying March 23rd, either. Jon Prosser weighed in earlier today as well with similar information:

That all looks familiar except for one item. Prosser has added a new Apple TV as one of the devices that Apple may announce at this event. While I haven’t seen this predicted before now, it does make sense. The Apple TV is woefully out of date and really needs a fresh coat of paint. Rumors that Apple was working on an upgrade started popping up late last year, but this is the first time I can recall a reputable prediction pointed toward this event.

As for the Apple Event itself, I’m quite happy with this March 21st date, myself. I will be on vacation with my family next week, so a March 16th date would have meant covering an Apple Event during two of our three most recent trips. I did it two years ago and would do it again, but I hate taking time away from my wife and kids when I am working out of town so much right now.

Speaking of which, I will be working out of town on March 21st as well, but that’s life. I’m sure the job can wait for an hour or so while I get the rundown on the latest iPad Pro, Air Tags and more along with many of you. It will have to, because I’m not missing out on this one.

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