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Death of the Home Button?

(via @razorianfly)

So, I’ve got the beta installed on my iPad, and honestly I did it just to have my lock screen switch back… but I have to say the new gestures (demo’d here by @razorianfly) are pretty cool. They could in theory replace the home button as is being rumored around the various news sites, but I really hope not. It just doesn’t feel right.

What’s your thoughts? Is the home button about to go to the grave?

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CRAZY EA $0.99 Sale!

Alright folks – this is the sale you’ve all been waiting for. Ok… well maybe not all of you, but I have been for sure.

EA is holding what is by far the craziest sale I’ve seen them run so far with upwards of 70 – YES 70 – games on sale. And these aren’t crappy titles either, as some of their best and newest games are on sale! Here’s a short list of what you can expect to see on the iPad:

• Sim City Deluxe (new!)
• Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit (new!) and Shift
• Reckless Racing HD
• Mirror’s Edge

And that’s not even the full list of games! Not to mention … they’ve got a HUGE selection of iPhone games at $0.99 as well.

I couldn’t link to all of them – So I’m just going to link you to EA’s section on the store. Hurry, because I’d be willing to bet this sale doesn’t last more than a day or two.

Electronic Arts

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Review: ScreenGuardz HD Anti-Glare for Apple iPad


Ah… my beloved Apple iPad. I love my iPad. I really do. I enjoy reading eBooks on it, I enjoy keeping up with Twitter, news and all my RSS feeds. Much as many people foresaw/proclaimed in pre and post release articles the iPad is quickly becoming my ultimate content consumption device. Music, movies, TV Shows, books, magazines, games… it does it all and more times than not I find myself moving away from the desk and onto the easy chair for my morning reading rituals on my days off. But, despite my love for the iPad, there’s a deep, dark hatred of the device as well. So much of one, that my email signature on the iPad doesn’t read “from my magical, revolutionary, OMFG I love it iPad”. No. It reads “from my fingerprint magnet”. I’ve recently contemplated changing that to read “from my blinding glare, be glad I could see the keyboard to type this fingerprint magnet”.

Apple nailed a lot of things on the iPad. They missed the mark on the screen usability in anything but dungeons.

Hit the jump… there’s a lot we have to look at.

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Need a reason to Jailbreak your iPad? Here’s 3

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg

First up: Categories. I have 51 apps installed on my iPad. I use one screen. True Categories is pixel doubled and ugly as sin right now… but How many pages of apps do you have?

Second: The number one RSS reader (in my mind) Reeder. But what’s this?! Its not pixel doubled? How…


And yes, Tweetie 2 native with no pixel doubling. Wouldn’t you like to run Tweetie 2 on your iPad and have back the (arguably) best Twitter app for the iPhone on your iPad?

I do. Go HERE and read all about it. But, do what I did and follow the advice in the comments (kopfdoktor) and instead of piddling around with Openssh and Textmate – download ifile from Cydia. It works perfectly!

Let me know in the comments if you try out any other iPhone apps…

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Got Spirit? You do now… iPad Jailbreak Is Live

Screen shot 2010-05-02 at 8.09.39 PM.png

You’ve all been waiting, holding your breath, turning blue… well stop it. Engadget is reporting that the Spirit Jailbreak is now live and ready to unleash you from the shackles of your Apple chroot jail.

So the question now is, do you have the stones? (not the Rolling ones).

UPDATE: It’s been 6 minutes since I posted this. 5 Minutes of that time was spent talking on the phone. Next to some Geohot jailbreaks and maybe that .png exploit a couple years back – this was the easiest jailbreak I’ve seen in a while. Cool stuff. Now I go to go install a few things and see what blows up!

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg

Restore number 1 commencing. DO NOT install SBSettings. Your dock ends up iPhone size, icons also end up iPhone size and worse you can’t get to uninstall SBSettings because the tab bar at the bottom of Cydia stops working.

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Quick Look: Fellowes Study Stand – A must have!

So I’ve been all over the web looking at all kinds of stands for the iPad. And there’s a ton of them ranging from $100(or more) to the low $30 price point. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but think about this for a few minutes and you might come to the conclusion that I did – my iPad isn’t really going to need a super fancy stand for it to sit on when I’m just charging the thing up, because I’m not going to be using it during that time… I’m going to be using my  Macbook along with its big screen (external 23″). So the stand is really just going to be a stand. I looked all around my house for something I could use as a temporary stand until I got a fancy one, but alas there was nothing that really suited the purpose well. So, with a new (much cheaper) goal in mind, I set out again on a quest.

My quest thankfully was really short lived. I came across this post from Erica Sadun over at TUAW yesterday. In it she mentions how she struck gold with a stand from Staples called the Study Stand. Unfortunately I don’t have a Staples anywhere near me, so calling them up and having them locate one wasn’t really an option. That and I was feeling too lazy to drive all over the place. She also mentions one from Bed Bath and Beyond, that also looks pretty good, but BB&B is about 20 minutes away, so lazy struck yet again. Finally she got tipped off by a reader of a stand for sale at made by Fellowes called the Study Stand. Well, I decided at a mere $4.99 and free shipping it fit the bill and ordered one. Figuring with free shipping and having ordered off the ‘net it should get here in about 6 years.

I was wrong. It arrived this morning. Hit the break for a look!

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