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Review: Prismatic for iPad – Gathering the Best News and Articles Automatically

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With the onslaught of digital content, a lot of smart companies have launched news aggregation apps for the iPad in the last several years. Zite and Flipboard are the two news aggregation apps on my iPad home screen, and I tend to favor Zite over Flipboard. However, I’m always interested in trying a new news aggregation app, and Prismatic is the latest contender.

It should be mentioned that overshadowing all of these worthy companies and their apps is Facebook, the 600 pound gorilla, and their launch of Paper for iPhone. There’s no iPad-specific version of Paper yet, but it will certainly arrive soon.

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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers For iPad – This Is One Frontier That You’ll Want to Explore

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Tower defense games are an always-popular gaming sub-genre on the iPad. Kingdom Rush, the original game, was always a cut above the tower defense pack. Stellar graphics, great soundtrack, tough (some might argue torturous) levels and bosses, all combined to make Kingdom Rush a triple-A tower-defense game.

The recently released sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers HD cements Kingdom Rush again as “the” tower defense game for iPad. Yet, the word sequel is the key to the only drawback for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It’s truly a sequel – more of the same.

For the un-initiated, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers allows players to build 4 basic towers: militia barracks, archer towers, dwarven mechanical bomb throwers, or mage towers. Once you spend your introductory budget for each level and build your first towers, you battle waves of enemies and bosses. If 20 enemies escape your towers unharmed, you lose the level and start all over again.

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