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Review: Terminology App for iPad

Terminology app for iPad

The new Terminology app for the iPad touts itself as …

More than just a dictionary or thesaurus, Terminology is a browser for the English language

That’s a great description and the app sounded very promising when I first heard about it.  I’ve been trying it out a little recently and finding that the app lives up to the promising description.

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Review: Art Authority for iPad – An Incredible Virtual Art Museum

Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad brings the world’s greatest artists to the iPad, offering not just an incredible virtual art museum, but also just the sort of intimate and personal experience that embodies what the iPad is all about.

I’d heard a few very good things about Art Authority around the time the iPad first came out, so my expectations were high for this app.  Happily, the app has exceeded all my high expectations …

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