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IKEA vs iPad!


Some fancy new tech company claims to have created a device with infinitely better battery life, and a more intuitive interface than the iPad. They call it the 2015 IKEA Catalogue, and they’re giving it away for free with pre-loaded hi-resolution content. I don’t know if this is some sort of cheap market share play by a newcomer, but I’m tired of hearing about new device manufacturers that think they can just waltz onto the scene and de-throne the iPad.

I’ve thought about this for a few minutes and I can’t figure out Bladis wrong with them. First of all, IKEA clearly copied many of the iPad’s key innovations, like fitting beautifully onto a coffee table, and swiping to turn pages. Then there’s the fact that they ripped off Apple’s style in their ad, which shows a Lack of creativity.

Thankfully, this catalogue seems to be available in just one size and weight, so users looking for flexibility in reading or surfing will still be better served by an iPad mini with Retina Display or an iPad Air. Although I have to admit, IKEA’s HD content does looks surprisingly good and is reminiscent of some of the premium furniture I own in my own home.

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iPad Funnies: Teacher 1999 vs. Teacher 2020

This is a pretty fun video, done by the Connect School of Languages in Toronto.

Here’s a little of the backstory for the video:

We are a small language school in Toronto. We teach English as a Second Language to international students from around the world. We have transformed our school from a traditional classroom to one that is flipped and uses the iPad, iBooks and apps to help teach students.

We put these spots out on YouTube to poke fun at teachers who refuse to change with the times. The reaction we have had has been incredible – not only in the number of views on YouTube but by the comments and debate the ads have sparked. It has been intriguing to watch these comments flow into YouTube. For us, the iPad in our school has totally transformed the way we communicate.

My only suggested edit would’ve been to re-think the 2020 part of the tile. I think technology years are like dog years, on steroids. By 2020 I imagine the teacher with the iPad may well need to do some major changing with the times.

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iPad Funnies: the Onion Style

Man Taking Photo with iPad

Gotta love the Onion. Just this headline is epic:

Man Taking Photo With iPad Oblivious To How Badass He Looks

As you can imagine, the article continues in that vein, and is a short but hilarious read. It’s got some Not Safe for Work language, so be careful about where you open the link – but do check it out at the Onion for a good iPad related laugh.

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iPad Funnies: New iPad with Even More Storage (in a Drawer)

iPad with Storage Drwaer

Great news, via The Onion:

In what tech giant Apple is calling a “major leap forward” for one of its most beloved products, the company announced Tuesday it would begin selling a new version of its popular iPad tablet with an extra attached storage drawer…  “With slick ball-bearing slides and an ultra-light frame, the 4D can easily carry photographs, pens, calculators, legal pads, iPhones, and other personal belongings. Life just got a whole lot better, iPad users.”

Clearly a feature that will give the iPad a new competitive edge over all those copycat rival tablets. :)

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Cool Things: Banned iPad mini Promo


Jonny Five and his pals are back at it with a Banned iPad mini promo video. Written by John Elerick, who also plays Jonny Five, it’s another fun spoof of Apple’s promo videos generally shown at their special events announcing new products.

I love the sad, frustrated Senior VP of Cameras.

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iPad Funnies: How To Let People Know You’ve Got the New iPad

New iPad Tell Them

Typically great stuff from Joy of Tech. Perfect if you’ve run short of ways to let everyone know you have the new iPad. Check out the full-size image at Joy of Tech:

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iPad – the Best Tablet Wristwatch?

iPad as Wristwatch

I never tire of talking about what an amazing and versatile device the iPad is. It can be put to use for just about anything you can think of, especially given the 200,000 apps now available for it.

Here’s one use I’m not so sure about recommending though – the iPad as wristwatch. CNET’s Amanda Kooser gave it a try following a PR pitch that lead with this title:

"Tech designer unveils world’s first iPad wristwatch."

It seems like she wasn’t convinced by the concept. :)

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iPad Funnies – iPad 3 Facts from Joy of Tech

Joy of Tech iPad 3 Facts

Very good stuff, as ever from Joy of Tech. See the full image, with more facts, here:

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iPad 2 Murdered, Killers Post Video


An iPad 2 has been killed by ‘testing’ it in lava at an active volcano, and the murderers have posted a video of the gruesome killing taking place.

Zoogue, makers of iPad 2 cases, traveled to Hawaii to commit their grisly act. You can see the full, gory, video at Winextra – it is not for the faint of heart.

I wonder which case Zoogue recommend for your iPad 2 when it’s a smoldering pile of ashes.

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Yay – I Live in the ‘iPad-Friendliest’ State in the US

iPad Friendliest Cities

This is why I still read The Daily, the first ever iPad-only newspaper – for in-depth stories like yesterday’s on the ‘iPad-friendliest’ cities in the US.

According to a survey by Men’s Health magazine, who I always think of as the go-to resource for iPad facts and figures, Plano, Texas is the most iPad friendly city in the USA. And my hometown in Austin comes in at a strong Number 5 on the list. I’m going to say that makes Texas the overall winner – California may have the numbers 2,3,6, and 7 cities but hey, we have Numero Uno and Cinco – and Cinco gets 174 bonus points for being my hometown.

For those who are curious – Toledo, Ohio ranked as the least iPad friendly city. And these rankings were based on:

… tablet use based on ad impressions, the number of Apple and Best Buy stores per capita, and percentage of households that own tablets, notebooks, or laptops.

How iPad-friendly is your city? Is it a Plano iPad-loving rival or more of a couldn’t care less Toledo?

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Why Yes, That Is an iPad She’s Wearing on Her Head


Ladies hats are always outrageous at Royal Ascot in Britain each year, but this one may take some beating.

I’m not sure how the green feathers plumage stuff ties in with the iPad, but I hope she’s got apps running that show the latest odds for the day’s races.

Spotted via: iPadeology

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