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Hits and Misses from the WWDC Keynote

Yesterday’s WWDC Keynote certainly wasn’t as exciting and feature packed as last year’s, especially thanks to the lack of new hardware announcements. However, it did bring us a pretty solid set of new software features and improvements. There were also some things that were oddly missing in action, but for this segment, I’m going to focus on the positives. Let’s take a quick look back at the Keynote.

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The WWDC Keynote is Just Hours Away. Here’s How to Follow the Action


The WWDC Keynote starts at 10 AM Pacific on Monday, June 4th. That translates to 11 AM Mountain, 12 PM Central, and 1 PM Eastern Times.

How to Watch

Streaming via the Web

If you are using a Mac or iOS device, you can livestream the video using Safari. Just go to this address and check it out live. It may also be possible to watch the stream on other platforms using a recent version of Firefox or Chrome. If you are running Windows 10, you can definitely use Microsoft Edge to get your live view.

Streaming via the WWDC app

If you prefer native apps to Safari on your iOS device, just download the free WWDC app in advance of the event, and the livestream will be available for you to stream.

Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, the livestream of the Keynote will be available via the Events app.


While live-blogging was necessary to follow Apple events  before we had access to live video, they still remain quite popular. Many tech sites and Apple blogs still do this because there are plenty of Apple users who prefer the sense of community direct interaction you get with the live information and opinion from experts on site.

Here are a few notable liveblogs for your viewing pleasure:


Ars Technica

The Verge

Fast Company


The Mac Observer


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WWDC Wishlist Part Six- Best of the Rest

The WWDC Keynote is tomorrow, and predictions are everywhere. Although, just like mine, most seem to be nothing more than guesses. Some may be more educated than others, but it feels like there is even less solid information out there this year than last, and that’s saying something. Apple may struggle keeping hardware a secret, but they seem to have the software side down on lockdown.

I’ve covered predictions relating to Siri, the iPad Pro, the Apple Watch, iOS 12, and Services over the last three weeks. Now, as we enter the final stretch toward the big event, here are some of the best of the rest that I hope we will see tomorrow.

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WWDC Wishlist Part Four- iOS 12

We are now one week out from the WWDC Keynote, so the rumors should start to pick up a little in the coming days. As with all of the recent editions of this event, iOS is expected to be the star of the show. However, it’s a little harder to say how far the improvements will reach after Mark Gurman reported earlier this year that the bulk of new features have been pushed off until iOS 13, and that iOS 12 will be more centered on fixing bugs and increasing stability. According to this report, Apple will now focus on the next two years of iOS development at a time, rather than force-marching its engineers to meet constant and sometimes unrealistic one-year features delivery deadlines.

This move is disappointing in a way, because the report made reference to some BIG improvements that may have been on the roadmap for iOS 12 before Craig Federighi stepped in, including redesigned Home Screens for iPhone and the iPad. I’ve been wanting to see this for the last three years, so it was disappointing to see how close we were to finally getting them. However, in the long term, this is probably the right decision, and it should deliver us a consistently better and more stable iOS. So with this news from February fresh in our minds, what can we expect to see next week?

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WWDC Wishlist Part Two- iPad Pro

The WWDC Keynote is only two weeks away, so we should start hearing bits and pieces about what will be covered at the event. However, if last year is a guide, we should also expect some surprises. While there were rumors of a new 10.5″ iPad Pro leading up to WWDC 2017, no one knew about the new iPad-specific features that were coming to iOS 11.

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WWDC 2018 Wishlist Part One- Siri

The 2018 WWDC Keynote is just a little over three weeks away. Apple routinely gives us about two hours worth of new software, hardware, and services. With the past as a guide, we can expect to see all of the latest on macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. We will also see any updates that are coming to Apple’s services, such as iCloud, Maps, News, and Music. Hardware announcements and previews come and go, but I would expect to see the new iPad Pro at the very least.

As we move closer to the Keynote, I’ll be making predictions/wishlists on several of the things that I think we will or won’t hear about on Monday, June 4th. I am going to start the ball rolling with one of Apple’s biggest weaknesses at the moment- Siri. There is absolutely no doubt that we will hear a lot about what Apple is up to to improve the service. The question is, how will it go? Does Apple have anything real and tangible to show us?Will it be more window dressing like the last few years, or will we see something more this time.

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