Cool Things: 64 iPads Panel Display at Saks 5th Avenue in New York

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I like a big display panel made up of lots of iPads as much a the next guy. Probably a bit more than the next guy in fact.

So I was happy to see an email from the fine folks at Gin Lane Media, who have designed and installed an ‘interactive iPad installation’ for magazine at the Saks 5th Avenue store in New York. It’s made up of 64 iPads (all iPad 2 models) and will feature live streaming content from – tweets and user-submitted photos that use the hashtag #StylelistAtSaks.

Stylelist and Saks are two main sponsors for this year’s Fashion Night Out (I assume that’s a big thing, not sure though as I’m more of an unfashionable night in type of guy) – and the iPad installation will be on display through September 19th to highlight the rebranding of Stylelist.

Here’s a couple more shots of those 64 iPads hard at work at the Saks / Stylelist installation:



It’s always good to see the iPad is ‘in fashion’ when it comes to creative displays. It’s also cool to hear that Gin Lane Media is ‘always pushing into the space where fashion, technology, and Apple meet’ – and that iPads are heavily in use day to day at the agency as well.

Thanks to Ali Feinstein from Gin Lane for the heads-up on the installation, and to Sebastian Bean, the lead developer on the iPads installation, for taking some time to talk to me about the project.

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