Another iPad Protected by SquareTrade – Mine

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Back in June I posted about taking out warranty coverage for my first iPad with Squaretrade.  Among my top reasons for doing so were:

I’m very impressed with the ‘extra mile’ warranty coverage offered by SquareTrade ever since I first heard details on the company and its offerings.  The very short story is that for iPad and iPhone users, they cover all the major accidental damage sort of things that Apple doesn’t, and at very attractive prices.

I remain impressed and yesterday I grabbed a SquareTrade warranty for my new iPad 3G.  In the UK there used to be a great TV ad campaign for Heineken with the strapline ‘Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach’.  For me, SquareTrade does the seem with iPad and iPhone warranty coverage – and I feel better now that my new baby is covered.  If you’re interested in extra cover for your iPad, check out what SquareTrade offers here:

Disclosure: We run affiliate ads on our sidebar for SquareTrade. We do so because I honestly think they offer the best ‘Covers the parts Apple Won’t’ sort of cover for the iPhone and iPad that I’ve come across anywhere.

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6 thoughts on “Another iPad Protected by SquareTrade – Mine”

  1. Why anyone would pay 25% of the value of the device as insurance for 2 years is beyond me. Why not take the risk and get it repaired if you damage it? Chances are that a repair is considerably less expensive.

    1. The iPad 3G I got the warranty for cost around $850. The warranty was under $100. I'm no math whiz, but that is less than 1/8 the price of the device – nothing like 25%. Many repairs can cost more than the $95 that the warranty cost. It also covers drops and water damage that can result in a completely dead device. Apple's warranty (which only goes for one year) does not cover that at all – you are left paying another $850. Your call if you're not interested, but for me the warranty makes very good sense.

  2. A lot of people like the Squaretrade coverage but I haven’t heard of anyone who has actually used it. I stopped buying third party warrantees after being turned down when the devices actually did fail. Warrantee companies make their money and stay in business first by people not making claims and second by saying no. I’d be far more impressed with a review of Squaretrade that submitted a claim, had it approved, reported how long it took to get to get a repair or replacement, and what the process was like from beginning to end. You’re just assuming they’re going to act in your best interest.

    1. A fair point, but as a small site owner I don't have the budget to break an iPad just for warranty testing. What I have done is looked at the ratings given to their warranties at Amazon, NexTag, and Reseller Ratings. At Reseller Ratings, they have over 500 reviews and a 9.8 score out of a possible 10. At Amazon they get stellar ratings for all sorts of different warranties they offer, for various electronic products, and at they have 1,200 positive reviews out of 1,250 total- with 1,100 of those giving a max 5-star rating.

      I'd say between all those hundreds of ratings that's a pretty good indication that these guys follow through on their promises.

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