iPad Countdown – 24 Hours Now

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iPad Countdown

Well, it’s finally almost here – right around 24 hours to go before the iPad is launched and available to buy.

I don’t know where my widget is getting 18 hours from.  It is 8:34AM where I live as I write this post – so I figure it is just over 24 hours until my local Apple stores start selling iPads at 9:00am tomorrow morning.  I could see 23 hours being shown on the widget, if it uses the Eastern time zone – but anywhere else in the US it’s going to still be nighttime 18 hours from now.

Anyway, I’ll be waiting outside my local Apple store at around 7:00AM tomorrow – and hoping to get out of there with a shiny new iPad as early as lines permit.

How about you all?  How are you handling the waiting?  Are you going to a store or waiting on a delivery truck?

Patrick Jordan

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5 thoughts on “iPad Countdown – 24 Hours Now”

  1. I pre-ordered one, but I'm going to go wait in line super-early (5? 6?) to try to nab a second.

  2. Patrick, I'll be looking forward to your review, based on being in line, and the whole 'buying' process, too…

    I'm still not 100% sold on getting one. I think if I didn't have a laptop, I would get one. But, who knows ;)

    1. Cool. I'll try to fire off a quick post about what the line is like tomorrow morning – and of course I'll post a lot all weekend on getting to know the device, impressions, and about some of those lovely new iPad apps.

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