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Need a Little Help on Getting the Most Out of Your iPad?

You came to the right place. I’ve been helping family, friends, and readers of iPad Insight with their iPad questions and issues ever since the iPad first hit the stores in 2010. Before that I spent 15+ years in ‘techie’ jobs that included everything from deskside user support to managing networks for large multinational companies. So I know how to solve problems and explain things without burying you in tech jargon, how to make things as easy to understand as they should be with the iPad’s friendly interface.

Up until now, readers have asked for help via comments on posts, or via email, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks. Now I want to make it easier for anyone to get help with iPad questions or problems – so I’m offering my expert help in a number of ways.


Get iPad help now…send an email to getipadh[email protected] or call us at 512–497–9255.


If you have a one-shot question or problem, you can reach me us via e-mail. We’ll address *one issue* per e-mail and turnaround a diagnosis/response in 24 hours.

I’m also happy to offer iPad training or troubleshooting sessions via:

  • Video Chat: via FaceTime, Skype, or a Google+ video hangout
  • Face-to-face: ask good old-fashioned questions in person about your hi-tech tools

Examples of What Can Be Covered

These are just some examples of what can be covered in an iPad training session. I’m more than happy to customize training sessions to cover these or any other topics you want to focus on:

Mastering the iPad Basics

  • How to take screenshots
  • Using Home Screen folders
  • Wireless syncing the iPad with a computer
  • Battery life tips
  • Keyboard tips and tricks

Get the most out of the iPad at Work

  • Best ways to work with MS Office documents
  • Best ways to work with PDFs

Get the most out of the iPad at Home

  • How to setup parental controls
  • How to create custom home screen backgrounds and use it as a digital photo frame
  • Edit Photos and add effects
  • Enjoy newspapers and magazines on the iPad

Find the Best iPad Apps for any task

I’ve covered the iPad since it was first released in 2010, so I’ve got a great overarching view of the various apps in each of the App Store Categories. Training sessions can be tailored to help narrow down your choices from over 350,000 iPad apps and make sure you have the right ones for the job – and learn how to use them along the way.

Many readers here have commented on how they’ve searched and read numerous articles and then found one of my tips posts – and found it the easiest and clearest to understand. And how it got them past a question or issue that had been troubling them for ages. Here are just a few testimonials from readers and people I’ve trained in person:

Patrick gave a day to our school to help anyone who needed iPad assistance. His instruction was thorough, easy to follow and remember. He dissolved my apprehension as I experienced myself as more creative and productive with a simple touch. This now self confident previously PC grandmother consequently bought an iPad and iPhone and feel more connected and competent. I know if I get stuck I can contact Patrick. He’ll be glad to hear about my progress and be glad to help me. How cool is that?

Wow what wonderful and easy to follow instructions without all the technical jargon.

Finally instructions put in plain language that I can understand. Thank you! You need to write a book iPad for new users.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been working on this problem with an AppleCare person all morning. Nothing worked. Tried signing out and them signing back in using your idea and IT WORKED! I am so grateful for your suggestion! So, thanks again!

By the way, iPad Insight is my favorite site. I get your latest posts every day and have found them really useful.

What Does It Cost?

The rate for any of these support services is just $70 per hour. Payments can be made via Paypal or credit card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Get iPad help now…send an email to getipadh[email protected] or call us at 512–497–9255.


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