Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries: Excellent New Free eBook for the iPad

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I’ve written many times here about the great free apps that NASA have created for the iPad, one of the most recent being NASA’s Space Place Prime. Over the last couple days I’ve been enjoying their latest bit of stellar free content for the iPad – the Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries eBook on the iBookstore.

As with every NASA iPad app I’ve seen, this eBook is wonderfully well done. It’s full of stunning images and videos and of course a wealth of information on the Hubble Space Telescope and about the vast universe we’re a part of. The Introduction section has a series of short videos with scientists who have used the Hubble Space Telescope talking about their favorite discoveries. It also offers lots of interactive elements to keep younger readers even more enthralled.

Here’s a little more on the app via its App Store intro:

Soar through the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope, exploring discoveries from dark energy to colliding galaxies. This highly interactive eBook features video, image galleries and more to reveal the record of scientific breakthroughs behind Hubble’s stunning images of the cosmos.
For more than two decades, Hubble has had a front-row seat for cosmic events: comets plunging into Jupiter, the explosive death of stars, the birth of new solar systems, and more. In the process, it has changed the face of astronomy. Learn about Hubble’s revelations and take a tour of the history and technology of the telescope.

I’m finding the book a fascinating read, and great fun to browse through – and I’m sure my daughter is going to love it too. It’s a great looking educational title for all ages.

Here’s an iBookstore link for Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries; it’s a free eBook.

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