iPad 2 Also Coming in White?

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From a weekend post at 9to5Mac:

Imagine the look on our faces when these pictures of a white second-generation iPad part landed in our inbox. Yes folks, it looks like the new iPad could come in white. That seems strange since Apple could not pull off an iPhone 4 with a white front, but I’m sure they figured out a way. Also, one of the reasons for the black frame that surrounds most of Apple’s displays is that it presents the image better visually.  However, this image above, seems to refute all of that.

My quick thought on this: YUCK. No thanks. Color me against the color white for my iPad, big time.

How about you guys? I’m almost afraid to ask – are you loving the white iPad 2?

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4 thoughts on “iPad 2 Also Coming in White?”

  1. No, I don’t think I would like it. I really hope they don’t do that, that would be the only reason for me to keep my iPad 1…

    1. I think even if a white one was offered, it would be a choice, along with a black one – can’t see them just switching to all white.

    1. I’ve never been great at the ‘patience thing’ – so I’m afraid I may carry on talking about rumors and things right up to the unveiling.

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