Review: Magnus iPad 2 Stand by Ten One Design

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Magnus iPad 2 StandImage Source: Ten One Design

iPad stands are among my favorite accessories for the iPad. My iPad 2 gets a ton of use every day alongside my MacBook Pro – so it needs a good home on my desk. A good stand to sit in when not fully in use.

The Magnus iPad 2 Stand from Ten One Design is the latest one I’ve tried out. Ten One pitches the Magnus as boasting a sleek form factor, elegant Apple-like looks, and using the magic of magnets to hold the iPad 2 in place in the stand.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and of course I’ve got some thoughts on it. The short story is that I’m disappointed with this stand. Hit the break for the reasons why …


Because of its reliance on magnets, this stand can only be used with the iPad 2. Also, it only supports the iPad 2 in landscape mode, and only with the home button on the right-hand side, so that the magnets align properly with those in the stand.

The iPad 2 cannot be used with a smart cover or other case on while in the stand, though a thin, protective skin on the back is OK.

Here’s a bit of detail on the materials used in the stand, via the Ten One product page for it:

ingredients: machined, recyclable aluminum, nickel-plated neodymium, recyclable plastics, recyclable carton, PET-coated paper fiber.

The stand is really quite tiny, even more diminutive than I expected. Here’s a couple of pics that highlight its small size, starting with the back of the stand with a business card just in front of it and a quarter alongside it:

Magnus stand for iPad 2

And the front of the stand with a quarter next to it …

Magnus Front with Quarter

The Magnus stand goes for $49.95 and you can order one direct from Ten One here:


— If you like a minimal stand that doesn’t get in the way of the iPad 2 then this may be your baby. Once the iPad 2 is in the stand, the stand itself is very near invisible from the front.

iPad 2 in Magnus

— It’s a handsome stand – and with its machined aluminum it fits in very nicely with any other Apple products you have around, including the iPad 2 itself of course.

— The magnets work well and the iPad 2 is held very steadily when it’s in the stand.


— The stand does not offer adjustable angles for the iPad 2. In fact it holds the iPad 2 in close to a straight-up position, with very little angle at all. Since the stand is tiny and the iPad 2 is almost flush with the surface of the desk (or whatever it is sitting on), this makes it very near impossible to do any typing with the on-screen keyboard while it’s in the stand.

— Between the very straight angle the iPad 2 is held in and the tiny stand that keeps the iPad 2 sitting very low on a desk or table, this does not feel great for viewing either. It means you are always looking down or hunching over to see the iPad 2 screen. I have another iPad stand that is quite small and not very much taller than the Magnus – the Just Mobile Encore stand. The big difference is that the Encore stand offers an adjustable arm that allows you to position the iPad in a very good range of angles for better viewing.

— Basically, the stand does not seem especially well-suited for using the iPad 2 while in it, nor for viewing things without it being somewhat awkward. It almost feels like you need to get a stand to hold this iPad stand in, so that viewing angles are better.


The Magnus is certainly a handsome little stand for the iPad 2. It’s got a nice Apple sort of look to it. But, for me at least, it’s not a very practical or useful stand. I can’t see myself using it much now, after assessing it for this review – and that’s a rare reaction for me, as I have four other iPad stands that have all had a lot of use with my iPads.

Disclosure:  The Magnus stand was independently purchased by the post author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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