Crazy iPad Accessories – $250 for an External Battery

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iPad external battery

Maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t see a huge market for this iPad accessory.  The folks at QuickerTek have an external battery for the iPad – called the Apple Juicz – that goes for $250.

One thing the iPad is known for so far is it’s outstanding battery life – so I just can’t quite picture who’s in the market for an external battery for it, or at least one with that steep a price tag.

Here’s more detail on the Apple Juicz from the QuickerTek website and promo email for the device:

QuickerTek today announces the Apple Juicz external battery for the iPad. This product design uses the Apple 10 watt USB charger that comes with the iPad to charge the battery. No extra AC power wall wart adapter to lug around. The Apple Juicz External Battery for the iPad offers recharging in 3 hours and features two female USB ports that can simultaneously charge any USB device as well as having the propriety circuitry for the iPhone, iPod touch or any 30 pin iPod, and more.

This battery adds 20 additional hours to the iPad mobile power, utilizing state of the art Li-ion Polymer batteries using the highest charged density batteries that are available.

The case is machined aluminum that has been anodized. With two USB ports you plug in to recharge the battery by using the Apple or any other USB charger. Which means no more lugging around an extra charger. The battery has 10 LED’s with a push button fuel gauge to display the external battery’s charge level. With two USB port’s you cano power or charge the iPhone, iTouch, and any 30 pin iPod simultaneously and it provides the correct internal circuity.

I’ve highlighted the mention of not having to lug around an extra charger, because from what I can see in the photo the external battery is way, way bigger than an iPad charger.  Not sure where the reduced lugging benefit comes in.

In any case, if you’re after a boost for your iPad battery life, and you’re OK with paying $250 for that boost, you can find more information at the QuickerTek site:

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4 thoughts on “Crazy iPad Accessories – $250 for an External Battery”

  1. I am one of those crazy people who has a need for an external iPad battery – I do a lot of international travel that many times take 20-30 hours from door to door. So an on the go re-juice is a nice option.

    But not at $250. For me, i choose the Zagg Sparq for $99.

    1. Wow – you really do need some extra battery muscle, but as you say I'm sure there are a number of better-priced options available.

  2. I have no need for this product as the ipads battery life in my opinion is excellent but even if I did have a need for this product I am not sure i would be prepared to pay that price tag!

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