Gelaskins – a Minimalist Option as iPad 2 Smart Cover Companion

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Gelaskins for iPad 2

As I’ve mentioned here a lot lately, Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover has become my new best pal and my favorite iPad 2 case by a landslide margin. I’ve found a few full-protection sort of cases for the iPad 2 that are quite good, but I always find myself returning to the smart cover as my most-used option.

Recently I’ve also been trying out a handful of cases that are ‘iPad 2 smart cover compatible’ – i.e. cases that are back covers designed specifically to work as companions to the iPad 2 smart cover. I’m gradually discovering that even the lightest of these (that I’ve tried so far) make the iPad 2 feel quite a bit heavier.

This discovery has lead me to start thinking about more minimalist alternatives for use with the smart cover. I already use Ghost Armor screen protectors on the front and back of the iPad 2, so one option is to just stick with the smart cover and these. Another is to look at skins for the iPad 2. My friend and writing colleague Thomas (@ragart) has been singing the praises of Gelaskins – and this weekend I took a look and ordered a couple.

Gelaskins for iPad 2

Gelaskins are ultra-thin decals (less than 1mm) that provide some scratch protection while adding minimal bulk and weight to your iPad 2 (or many other mobile devices). They cover the front and back of the iPad 2.

Here’s a little more detail on them:

GelaSkins are thin, laminated vinyl decals designed as scratch protection from everyday wear and tear. The 3M adhesive is repositionable, and won’t leave any residue when you choose to remove it. GelaSkins are not cases, they are skins.

These skins come in a very wide range of designs – from some famous and talented artists. You can get designs based on everything from impressionist paintings, to MC Escher works, to classic Ralph Steadman (the acclaimed illustrator and cartoonist who worked often with Hunter S Thompson) illustrations, and much, much more.

You can also upload your own images or artwork and create your own designs.

All of the Gelaskins designs have matching wallpaper images that can be downloaded for use on your iPad home and lock screens.


The iPad 2 Gelaskins go for $29.95. You can check out the wide range of designs and place an order at their iPad 2 page here:

This will be my first time trying skins on an iPad. Have any of you used these before on your iPads? If so, what do you think of them?

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