Need a Chunkier iPad Stylus? Here’s One

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AluPen iPad stylus    Alupen stylus for the iPad

Does size matter when it comes to an iPad stylus?  If so, then the Alupen may be quite an exciting new option.  Compared to the slimline Pogo Sketch and others I’m used to seeing, this is one heck of chunky stylus.  Here’s a slice of its description at the Just Mobile page for it:

Just Mobile AluPen™ is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus that gives you precise control over your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Sculpted from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib, the Alupen™ makes drawing and writing a uniquely smooth experience.

Iconic design
High-quality aluminum construction
Ultra-soft rubber nib for smooth control
Compatible with all capacitive touchscreens
Works with all iPad & iPhone apps
Perfect partner for drawing and painting apps

The price for the Alupen is pretty chunky too – weighing in at $19.95.  You can get more info and place an order here:

Let us know your thoughts on stylus sizes whenever you have a moment. Smile

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