Quick First Impressions – The Incredibly Versatile Ori iPad 2 Case

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Ori for iPad 2

When I first saw the video demo of the Gorillamobile Ori for iPad 2 case, I was impressed with how slick and versatile this case looked. I ordered one that same day and it arrived this morning.

As first impressions go, color me very impressed indeed with Ori for iPad 2. When I’ve spent more time with the case I’ll do a full review, but in the meantime here are a few reasons it is making a very favorable first impression:

— It’s sleek and unique looking – all lightweight aluminum goodness.

— It’s extremely versatile. You can quickly swivel the iPad between landscape and portrait orientation.

Ori for iPad 2 case

— The case makes for a stand with a superb range of positions – from the very tall, ideal for viewing (shown above) …

To an ideal angle for typing away on the iPad 2:

Ori for iPad 2

— It supports the iPad 2 automatic sleep / wake feature.

— It looks like it may be the ideal case + stand combo for my needs – and I’m a big fan of iPad stands, so that’s saying a lot.

That’s about it for early impressions on the Ori for iPad 2. Look for a review coming up when I’ve got to know it better.

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5 thoughts on “Quick First Impressions – The Incredibly Versatile Ori iPad 2 Case”

  1. That thing looks like it adds a ton of bulk to the iPad, not too mention I’m sure it weighs quite a bit!

    1. It doesn’t add that much bulk. It’s pretty light aluminum – but yeah it adds some for sure and it’s nopt going to compete with the most slimline of cases at all.

      Same goes for the weight aspect.

      I think it may not be a good everyday, all the time sort of case for me, where my preference is a smart cover and just a Gelaskin on the back – for keeping things nice and light.

      But this case has great potential I think. For me it may end up being more of a very portable stand even. I’ll see when I’ve had more time with it.

  2. Very superficial first impression. Tells nothing we haven’t seen already from the press materials. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes with the thing to give a bit more insight than you shared here. I can understand leaving the detailed specs for your full review but as first impressions go this is rather shallow and without merit.

  3. Overall it’s not bad. I do hate the aluminum hitting itself when you lifted and when you type it rocks back and forth. It adds good protection though and the stnd is awesome.

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