TouchFire – Kickstarter Funded Tactile Keyboard Overlay for the iPad

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TouchFire is an interesting Kickstarter funded tactile keyboard add-on for the iPad. Here’s a better description from the developers of the product:

TouchFire is transparent, tactile keyboard that lays on top of the iPad and makes typing feel like a traditional keyboard. It even allows people to type without looking at the iPad’s screen.  It’s so thin and flexible that it lives in the iPad’s cover when not in use.

Kickstarter is the home of ‘crowd-funded’ projects and the crowd apparently likes the TouchFire quite a lot. It has exceeded its initial funding target in less than a week.


Here are a few key features of the TouchFire:

— It’s ultra-thin and weighs less than an ounce.

— It uses clips to attach magnetically to the iPad 2 Smart Cover and folds ‘with the cover’.

— TouchFire fits directly over the iPad keyboard, is transparent, and allows you to swipe the screen through it. 

— It’s compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2 – though of course its smart cover related functionality is not relevant for the original iPad.

You can see lots more detail on the TouchFire and a demo video at its Kickstarter page here:

I’m not sure I want any additional attachments to my iPad 2 in most situations, and I actually type pretty well on the on-screen keyboard – but I can see this being a popular accessory for many people who aren’t keen on the virtual keyboard and want the tactile typing feature.

What do you all think? Is this an accessory you’d like to have for your iPad?

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