Quick Look: Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000 for iPad

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This beast of a battery is the Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000. It’s a 9000 mAh battery, translates to about three or four charges for my iPhone 5S, or 60–70% of my iPad Air’s battery in real life charging situations. The Power Pack isn’t one of those tiny batteries that you use in an emergency to provide a bit of a charge. No, having a Power Pack in your bag is more like bringing the kitchen sink with you (well, if the kitchen sink provided power, and not water).

The Power Pack has two USB ports on it for charging — a 1.0A for smartphones and 2.5A port for tablets — but I really only ever used one of them at a time because I only carry one Lightning cable around with me. The shiny black plastic shell looks good, if a little non-descript, and it does pick up fingerprints easily.

The side of the battery has a set of four LED indicators which help you track the remaining juice in the Belkin 9000. Charging my iPad from nearly-dead to 60% took about five or six hours, and recharging the Belkin 9000 itself takes a whole night. Unfortunately, the Belkin 9000 doesn’t come with its own AC adapter (so I had to use my iPad’s charger), but it does come with a micro-USB cable in case you don’t own one already.



I do like this battery for its capacity, but its design isn’t anything particularly clever (like embedding an AC charger or Lightning cable into the body of the battery). However, what this 9000mAh battery does have is Belkin’s name, which makes me trust it as a third-party battery. I’ve heard a few horror stories of third party battery fires, so I won’t use just any brand, but I do trust Belkin’s quality.

You can pick up a Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000 for about $46-$80, depending on the retailer. Amazon.com seems to have the best price as far as I’ve seen.

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