Review: Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover Ultra Thin Version

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Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover Ultra Thin Version

The Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover (Ultra Thin Version) is described thusly on the Snugg page for it:

The Snugg iPad 2 ultra thin case is sleek, classy and hardly adds any bulk to the iPad2. This new design is extremely lightweight and created from smooth polyurethane leather to the front and connected with a TPU back cover.

I’ve been trying one of these out over recent days, and as always I’ve got some thoughts to share on it.


This is an almost folio style smart cover replacement case. I say almost folio style because although it is an all-in-one case (not separate front and back covers) it does not feel as ‘together’ as a full folio style case. Perhaps that’s why it’s got the ‘Ultra Thin Version’ as part of its name.

It supports the iPad 2 automatic sleep / wake feature whenever the front cover is closed and opened.

It’s priced at around $55 (£34.99) in the UK by Snugg themselves, but the US Amazon price point is around $35.


From what I can gather ‘polyurethane leather’ is nothing like the quality of genuine leather. Here’s a description of it offered at Wikipedia:

Bicast leather
Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather or PU leather) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed. Bycast was originally made for the shoe industry and recently was adopted by the furniture industry. The resulting product is cheaper than top grain leather and has an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain.



— This is quite a lightweight case for the iPad 2. The leather on front and back is fairly ‘grippy’ so it’s both easy and comfortable to carry the iPad 2 around while it’s in this case.

— The fit of the case on the iPad 2 is good and all buttons and ports are easily accessible. It doesn’t fit so well when I have my Gelaskin on the iPad 2, but that’s true of many tight-fitting cases like this one.

— I got the brown version (it also comes in black) and I think its quite a nice shade of brown and looks relatively smart.

— The inside of the front cover is a soft, microfiber-like material that cushions the iPad 2 nicely.

— The front cover of the case can be folded to use as a stand in the same sort of way as the Apple smart cover.



— The back cover is mostly leather, but bordered by its TPU clear material at the left side and top and bottom. This looks a little awkward and clumsy to me. Not as smart looking as its front cover.


I can’t say this is a favorite case for me, or one I’d recommend if you’re after a gorgeous iPad case made from the finest leather. If you want a reasonably priced, reasonably smart looking iPad 2 case though, this is a decent option. For $35, it works well and looks good enough for use at work / in meetings.

For more details or to place an order check out The Snugg and Amazon pages for the Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover (Ultra Thin Version):

Snugg page


Disclosure: Snugg provided this case as a review unit. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.

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