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New Good and Not So Good iPad Air 4 Rumors

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IPad Air

So it’s a good news/bad news kind of day if you’re inclined to follow the leakers. KomiyaLeaks (@Komiya_kj) has been putting out a lot of Apple content as of late and he had a little bit to say about the rumored new iPad Air earlier today.

Good news first. This leak confirms a lot of what we’ve heard, with a few new details:

Frankly, it almost seems a little too good to be true. Face ID? The earlier rumor of underscreen TouchID to cut costs is gone from this report and is replaced by tech we all know will definitely drive the bottom line higher. Because of that, I’m not sure I believe this one.

Then we have the mention of four speakers, This has been a hallmark of the iPad Pro line and was one of the features specifically omitted from the 2019 iPad Air as a way to cut costs. Again, this is great if true, but count me as a skeptic.

Most of the rest we’ve seen before. The iPad Pro design (which assumes Pencil 2 support- it gets mentioned in a later Tweet), 11” screen and USB-C. However, the predicted price does match the feature set. It’s $150 higher than the current price of the 2019 Air at the predicted $649.

If this is true and the price goes up this much, it would be a missed opportunity on Apple’s part in my opinion. I think cutting the fluff from this rumor and keeping the price at $499-$549 for a device with the Pro form factor would sell better. However, if you are more into the specs, this predicted setup probably looks pretty good.

Now for the bad news. Remember when this device was supposed to  be showing up any time now? According to KomiyaLeaks, it will now be delayed until March of 2021.

Cue the sad trombones. Now I really hope this rumor isn’t true. I mean, it would certainly be understandable considering the state of the world today. Delays and setbacks are inevitable when teams haven’t been able to work together in a normal environment for several months. Maybe the new iPad Air is just the latest gadget to run into gridlock.

Like I said at the outset. Good news/bad news if you put a lot of stock in the rumor mill. But this is just a leak, after all. KomiyaLeaks is putting out a lot of Apple content these days, but this account doesn’t have the track record that some of the bigger names like Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo and now Jon Prosser have when it comes to Apple leaks. I’ll feel a little more inclined to get in line once someone on this level weighs in on the iPad Air 4. Until then, I remain hopeful that it will still arrive sometime before the disaster that has been 2020 is over.

What do you think? Would you rather see the device described in this rumor or would you rather get an Air that costs a little less and arrives in the next four months? Let me know in the Comments or on  Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.


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