100 Best Soccer Goals for iPad – Candidate for Worst App Ever

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I’m a big soccer fan. Or I should say football fan, who only ever grudgingly uses the word soccer. So an iPad app called 100 Best Soccer Goals caught my eye this week and without any real hesitation or thought I installed it. Bad call. A straight red card level of bad call.

This is one of the very worst apps I’ve ever seen make it into the App Store. Read on for the gory details on why this app is so terrible, or just mark it down on your blacklist of apps to avoid if you prefer …


Here’s the App Store description for the app:

100 Best Soccer Goals features videos of the greatest goals in history! See Beckham, Nani, Rooney and an extensive selection of soccer’s greatest stars as they display unparalleled skill, extraordinary passion, and defy gravity to score key goals just when their teams need them most. 100 Best Soccer Goals includes teams from around the globe as they compete for regional, national, and international titles. We’ve found the fastest goals, the best free kicks, the ""impossible"" goals and the game winning, last second, miracle goals.
Soccer fans are the most passionate sports fans in the world. Show your friends why you live for the sport with 100 Best Soccer Goals.

* 100 videos of the world’s greatest soccer players making amazing goals.
* Search: search for videos by your favorite star
* Bookmarks: create a favorite’s list
* Share: share with friends via e-mail and SMS
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None at all. Really, the app is farcically bad.



— The content appears to be stripped straight out of YouTube. Nothing has been added to make it better, and much has been done to make it substantially worse.

— The four main ‘sections’ of the app are Home, Featured, Top Rated, and Most Viewed. Apart from Home, none of these even contain any videos that are anything to do with soccer or goals; they are just the generic YouTube listings for each of those categories. So they have nothing whatsoever to do with that this app claims to be, and have no purpose even being there. The home page offers an unsorted messy mix of goals videos. They’re not categorized at all – by player, or league or nation, or anything that might be helpful. There’s no additional text or background info added to any of the videos, so often if you don’t understand the language being spoken by the commentators, you won’t have a clue who’s playing or scoring.

— The videos don’t play out in the YouTube app, but within the app itself. The quality of them is ridiculously bad. It’s near impossible to appreciate anything going on in them, they’re so bad.

— Quite a few of the videos on the home / goals page won’t even play when you open them.



If you’re a fan of soccer / football and great goals, you’d hate this app if you were silly enough to buy it. If you’re a normal human being with a pulse rate, the same applies. This is an appallingly bad app.

I’m surprised this app even got through the App Store approval process. It should not have. It is priced at $0.99 and should never have been allowed into the store even as a free app. I’ll include its icon here just so that you can identify it in order to avoid it:


I won’t add an iTunes link for it as I don’t want an assist on what would be a horrendous own-goal if you were to purchase it.

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