iPad App Updates from The Twilight Zone

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The Updates screen in the iPad App Store looks very odd to me over the last few days. It shows a number of updates available, but the dates look all skewed and crazy. Just as one example, Screens – the excellent VNC app – has an update listed as Version 1.5. The update is said to be a major one but it has a date of December 13, 2010 listed with it. So it appeared to me to be four months old when I first looked at it.

The more I looked at the latest 11 updates available for me, the more I saw all of them were dated much farther back than the last time I applied updates.

Eventually I realized what’s going on. The dates listed below the update version numbers are the dates the apps were released in the App Store, not the date of the update release.

Two things strike me about this:

— I’m pretty sure this never used to be this way. I could swear that the dates listed used to be the date the update was released.

— It make no sense to present things this way. I don’t give a damn – and I don’t imagine most users do either – about knowing the exact day an app was first released when looking at an update. I do care about the release date of the update though.

Anyone else notice this? It is a change right? Am I remembering wrong, thinking the dates used to be the date of the update?

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3 thoughts on “iPad App Updates from The Twilight Zone”

  1. I had something similar happen last week — a ton of updates, and all of them with old dates listed. It concerned me enough that instead of hitting “update all” i connected the ipad to my mac, downloaded all available updates in iTunes, and synced.

  2. I’ve been having that same issue since last year, and even though I upgraded to iOS 5, I still have it. Come on, Apple! Fix it for crying out loud. It displays the correct date of the update on iPhones. Why not on iPads? We need the release date of the update, not the original release date of the app!

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