ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Sync for iPad Released

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Grey's Anatomy Sync for iPad

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Sync for iPad is the network’s latest app that encourages viewers to get interactive with one of their TV show. Here’s the elevator pitch for it on its App Store page:

The Grey’s Anatomy Sync app for iPad lets you experience Grey’s Anatomy in an entirely new way! You’ll get to interact with other fans and get exclusive episode-related content delivered to your iPad in real time while you watch Grey’s Anatomy live on your TV.

And here’s the rundown of what you can do with the app:

• The app’s Sync technology connects your iPad to your TV allowing you to participate in real time with the show.
• Take polls and quizzes, get behind the scenes info and even unlock bonus content by interacting with the app.
• Connect with other Grey’s Anatomy fans and chat about the episode while watching the show.
• Virtually check-in and earn badges at locations and events in the show such as Joe’s Pub or Meredith’s birthday party.
• You can also use the Grey’s Anatomy Sync app while watching digitally recorded episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Not all functions will be available.
• How it Works: No additional equipment is required as the app works by picking up the audio from the TV. All you need to do is turn on your TV, launch the app and hit the sync button to get started.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy on THURSDAYS at 9|8c on ABC and visit for more.

ABC’s previous effort in this area – a ‘proof of concept experiment’ tied to the My Generation show – couldn’t go far because the show itself was canceled after just two episodes. Grey’s Anatomy Sync should get more traction as it’s tied to an established, popular show.

I’m  not the right audience for this app, as I have no big desire to interact with or ‘participate in real time’ with a TV show, even those that I’m a big fan of. I prefer to just shutdown and escape a bit when watching TV – if I feel like being more active, I’ll get out the iPad or a book.

What about you all? Is this sort of app going to be all the rage with lots of popular TV shows? Which ones would you like to see have sync apps?

You can find ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Sync in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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