Acid House Kings Release First iPad ‘App Album’

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Music Sounds Better With You is the title of a new iPad ‘app album’ released by Swedish indie pop band Acid House Kings.

We’ve seen albums created largely on the iPad, and now we’ve got a full album as an iPad app. It contains the 10 tracks on the album Music Sounds Better With You, 6 remixed bonus tracks, and a nice range of features that are intended to evoke some of the magic of the days when albums were much more than just the music.

App developers Lackner//Buckingham, remember the days when bringing home the latest record from your favorite band had a real sense of discovery. The cover, liner notes, posters, postcards — you never knew what was going to be inside when you peeled off the cellophane. Their goal for this immersive, interactive album experience is to bring back that same feeling of discovery, using the latest combination of interactive technology and unique mobility that only the iPad has to offer.


Here’s the list of the main content sections within the app:

1. Karaoke section
2. Extended album
3. Lyrics
4. Biographies by the members
5. News
6. Videos
7. Photo gallery by Henrik Halvarsson
8. Free compilation album

I have to admit that prior to receiving an email today from the record label letting me know about their app album, I hadn’t heard of Acid House Kings. The app describes them as Sweden’s Number 1 pop band. Here’s a little more they have to say about themselves in the app:

With immaculate taste in music stemming from a childhood of Elvis Presley, and almost complete set of Sarah singles and a 100% complete set of The Smiths singles, the kings set out to define pop music.

Apparently the band is also very fond of Karaoke – and they claim to be the first indie pop band to make a Karaoke DVD, back in 2005. So they’ve included a major Karaoke section within the app.


The app also offers bios of each of the band members, photos of the band, a video section, and a section on the record label they’re with, Labrador Records – where you can download 21 tracks from various artists on the label.


I included the screencap above from one of the videos just for the ‘what the?’ factor on the penguin suit.

My knowledge of Swedish pop doesn’t go much beyond Abba and Roxette sadly, but I think this album is pleasant pop. I quite like the song ‘Would You Say Stop?’.

And I love the idea of an iPad app album.

One thing I’d like to see added to this app, or future apps of this kind, is the ability to easily download the tracks on it. 

Here’s an App Store link for Music Sounds Better With You; it is currently priced at $5.99 as an introductory price – regular price will be $9.99.

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2 thoughts on “Acid House Kings Release First iPad ‘App Album’”

  1. Actually Björk is the first artist to release an app album. Although “biophilia” hasn’t been released in it’s entirety yet, we still have four app tracks with animations, games and essays. Its an amazing way to enjoy the music, talent, and art surrounding this album. Who are the acid house kings again?

    1. I know about Bjork’s app and I’ve looked at it – but when it initially came out it had only one song. It still isn’t a full album – so I think it’s still more than fair to say this is the first full app as album effort for the iPad.

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