Art Authority for iPad Updated, Adds Advanced Search and Hyperlinks

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Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad is a superb virtual art museum app for the iPad, filled with tens of thousands of the world’s greatest works of art. It’s a wonderful app and one of my iPad favorites for sure – check out my review here for lots more detail about it:

The app has just recently been updated, to Version 4.0. The two big additions with this update are advanced search capabilities and extensive use of hyperlinks to help discover more great works more easily. Here’s more details on these and other notable new features in Art Authority for iPad 4.0:

Art Authority 4.0 adds two major new features: advanced searching and extensive hyperlinking. The new features, combined with enhanced "shuffle" options, let users wander further and get more lost in the app’s magical art museum, while at the same time getting more easily found again through an advanced academic reference library.

Users can now search for and view works by either full or partial title, subject matter, or physical location. Or they can choose from a list of popular pieces, or just random "shuffled" works. Hyperlinked captions then enable exploration of related works. Users can start, for instance, by looking at portraits, then at the Mona Lisa in particular, then at over 1000 other works from the Louvre, then at works from around the world by particular Louvre artists like Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Other major new features of Art Authority 4.0 include:
* Access to detailed information on major works and locations, as well as artists
* Access to over 50,000 works of art, up from 40,000 previously
* Even higher resolution images

I’m very happy to see that Art Authority for iPad has not only got great reviews, but is also proving a hit in the App Store; listed by Apple as the #3 top-grossing and #7 top-selling reference app in its just-out "2010 Rewind" highlights.

You can find Art Authority for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $9.99.

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