Facebook for iPad Released & in the App Store Now

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Facebook for iPad

Facebook for iPad has finally been released, and is available in the App Store now.

The iPhone version of the app has been updated to be a universal app, with full iPad support.

We’ve known this was coming for months now – after the ‘hidden’ version was found hiding in plain sight – but it still seems exciting to see it finally hit the App Store.

Here’s the quick list of Facebook for iPad features posted at the App Store page under update details:

With high-res photos, games, chat and more, now you can get the best of Facebook—on your iPad.
– Enjoy bigger, better photos: Your photos are high-res and easy to flip through, like a real photo album
– Navigate anywhere, fast: Just tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another
– Play games on the go: Access your favorite Facebook apps and games, wherever you are
– Focus on what matters: Zoom in on your friends’ photos, updates and stories
– Never lose your place: Share a photo, update your status or send a message without leaving News Feed
– See who’s nearby: Check out the Nearby map to see what your friends are up to

I already had the iPhone version of the app installed on my iPad 2; once I updated this afternoon the app immediately offers a short tour of what’s new. Here’s a few screencaps from that tour:

Facebook for iPad

Facebook for iPad

Facebook for iPad

I’ve only spend a short time with the app, but I can already say it looks quite good and seems to work very well also. As in, it feels fast and smooth to use.

Here’s an App Store link for Facebook; it’s a free app and of course now a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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5 thoughts on “Facebook for iPad Released & in the App Store Now”

  1. Loads of people are reporting serious issues with this version. Maybe a warning would be appropriate.

    4.0 Just bricked my iPhone 4!!!!! You have been warned!!!!

    I have just restored my phone and manage to uninstall the FB 4.0 app. Tried to do a clean install of it to no avail. It hangs during install so NO FB on iPhone at the moment. WHAT A JOKE!!!

  2. It’s good but not perfect on IOS5… one bug I’ve found is that when posting a comment or reply using the new split keyboard, the Send button is no longer visible in the GUI!

    Nice testing there :P

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