Flipboard on the iPad– World’s First Social Magazine

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Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard is described as ‘the world’s first social magazine’ – and it’s an iPad only app (for the moment) with a very interesting concept …

Flipboard brings the timeless layout of print media to social media. No more scrolling through long lists of posts and links. No more jumping back and forth between websites. Your Flipboard is everything you care about in one place. It’s your magazine. It’s your Flipboard.

I’ve installed the app this morning and had a little look around but, like many people this morning, I cannot yet personalize it by adding my own Twitter and Facebook accounts – as the app is already hugely popular and its servers are not able to handle the strain just yet.  From what I hear on Twitter, they are working flat out and adding servers to cope with their app’s instant success.

I’m very keen to get to know Flipboard better – but in the meantime I’ve got a good feel for it courtesy of a great article on it by Robert Scoble.  He’s also got a long video chat with the CEO of the company behind Flipboard who gives a good overview of what the app’s all about.

Scoble himself considers the app to be disruptive (which is a very good thing in Scoble’s world) and possibly revolutionary …

You’ve seen Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Seesmic, but you’ve never seen one like this.

You’ve seen news readers like NewsGator, Google Reader, or, even, newer ones for iPad like Pulse, but you’ve never seen one like this.

You’ve seen news aggregators like Techmeme, Google News, Skygrid, Yahoo News, Hacker News, or Huffington Post, but you’ve never seen one like this.

What is “this?” It’s Flipboard.

Check out Scoble’s piece and video here if you want to learn more about Flipboard:


You can find Flipboard in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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2 thoughts on “Flipboard on the iPad– World’s First Social Magazine”

  1. This app is probably as hot as the Apple release of iPhone 4! At present one can't add Facebook or Twitter to it. Waiting for the new version 1.0.1, and then start the email invite process. But, I have to say, even playing with it as is, I'm bloody impressed, actually VERY impressed. And, to think, my Mrs was the one who told me about it (WTH). I'm the one who own's the iPad ;)

    1. I still can't get either of my accounts in either. A bit surprising now that it's 24 hours plus since launch.

      That's a bit of a shocker on the spouse giving you the heads-up. Mine keeps gloating lately on how she's whooping my arse at We Rule.

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